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Imaginary Problems

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Max M music delivers a new single titled ‘Imaginary Problems’ which is a pop-dance track. He said that he will keep on making music because he knows that his songs appeal to its listeners from the moment they listen to it. This song is a great example of his craft.

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Max M Music Bio

Max M Music
Max M Music

Max M music is one of the most recognized French experts in the field of electronic music. He is working on dual career. He is a composer and electronic music producer and at the same time, he also has a senior position in an American multinational company. Amazing, isn’t it?

When he released his single “Imaginary Problems”, it raned first on the American DJ site Digital DJ Pool Two. It also worked very well in Latin America, Denmark, Germany and Great Britain where he also topped in electronic music charts. According to some polls, the listeners were easily hooked right after the first time they listened to the track.

He is really a passionate person when it comes to music since he was a teenager. He started mixing and composing tracks at the age of fourteen before devoting himself fully to studying computer science which is his other passion. After having a very good career in computers, at the age of forty, he started playing his piano one day and started composing and producing tracks once again.

Dance To More Max M Music!

Under Water

Under Water is a Max M music that you will surely love if you are a fan of Rihanna, Halsey, Sia or Beyonce. The melodic and fun feels of the track will make you fall in love. With a very catchy tune and uplifting beat, this song make me really do some moves!

Never Wanna Leave

Our next pick of Max M music is ‘Never Wanna Leave’ which is a powerful single that is bound to provide uplifting energy during these difficult times. This high-energy track offers a stunning vocals that blends the appealing melodies of pop music together with a little punch of classic EDM. His vision towards this song falls perfectly in line with the crossover appeal of this track which proves why he has been compared to other artists like Sia and Halsey.

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