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Midnight Queen by Luna Keller & Eric Bay

Midnight Queen by Luna Keller & Eric Bay

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE– Luna Keller and Eric Bay will cast you in their spell, just to leave you where you fell with their atmospheric ballad ‘Midnight Queen’

But unlike the ‘Lonely Queen of Midnight,’ you’ll keep coming back for more.

By Leanne Ortiz – Freelance Writer and Blogger

Midnight Queen by Luna Keller & Eric Bay

This captivating collaboration from talented singer-songwriters Luna Keller from the Spanish isle of Tenerife and the U.K.’s Eric Bay taps into the pain of a poisoned woman and the trail of broken hearts she leaves in her wake.

From the get-go, the professional production mesmerizes its audience with sophisticated, haunting vocals and a stunning but simple arrangement.  “We quickly realized that a less-is-more arrangement suited the song best, so in the end, we chose piano, bass, a cello, and some very subtle electric guitar effects,” said Bay.

Midnight Queen

A Collaboration begins …

Eric Bay Midnight Queen

The song evolved when Bay reached out toKeller on Twitter to suggest a collaboration. Keller had already written the chorus and hook for ‘Midnight Queen’ and they each contributed to the verses and the bridge, as well as working together on the melodies.

The result is a heartbreakingly cohesivemasterpiece as soulful lyrics float through an eery melody.

Keller says she enjoyed the opportunity tosing a non-guitar-based song. “When Eric brought the piano to the table, the song immediately became better,” she said. “It gave the song the feeling it has now, and the Cello played by the amazing Yoed Nir added to the magic.”

Have you really seen her?Beyond the emptiness in her eyes?Have you attempted to swimIn the ocean that she keeps within?

“Midnight Queen is about a woman who has been hurt badly, and who hurts others to evade her own pain,” says Keller. “The song tells you about the hearts she breaks, it tells you to let her go, it doesn’t paint her as a good character. But then in that one line, it asks you to understand her. I think that’s beautiful.”

Bay’s perspective is from the pain of the broken male, warning others of their plight if they choose to pursue her.

Let her go, let her goShe’s consumed by her pain, Poisoned heart, poisoned brainLet her go, let her go,She doesn’t leave a heart intactand she won’t come back

“Lyrically and melodically, it’s when the song starts becoming more intense and foreboding,” he says.

Meet the Artists

Keller has already enjoyed critical acclaim for several indie-folk singles and for her latest EP ‘Alice is in Love with the Mad Hatter,’ released in 2019.

She has been fortunate to have her formidable songwriting talents nurtured throughout her career by a team of first-class musicians, including her father Roger Keller and veteran music producer and audio engineer Uli Pfannmuller.

She says she doesn’t believe in being a one-woman band. “Sharing the joy of creating art with others is one of the greatest gifts. I’m especially fond of co-writing because it allows me to learn from other artists, write from another perspective and explore directions I’ve never thought about,” she said. “In the case of ‘Midnight Queen’ I’m really proud of the final outcome and it was such a joy to work with Eric.”

Luna Keller Midnight Queen

Bay, who hails from Surrey in England and has been writing songs since he was 17, reflects on how easy and fun that Luna was to write and produce with, and how often she would initiate great ideas.  “Luckily, throughout the writing process, we were always on the same page.  There were no arguments and we each came up with ideas that inspired the other.  I think every decision we made just kept making the song better.”

“Isn’t it amazing how technology made it  possible for us to write a song together, even though we’d never met in  person,” said Keller. “It’s truly a great time to be a musician.”

Never Enough Music is excited to premiere this stylish pop ballad that is as professional as any track you will hear on any national radio station today.

‘Midnight Queen’ is available March 20th on all your favorite music streaming sites.

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By Leanne Ortiz – Freelance Writer and Blogger

Leanne Ortiz - Freelance Writer and Blogger

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