Momoko Rose Music | Humans Weep: A dissection of life and society

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Humans Weep

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Humans Weep is a deep and painful song from Momoko Rose music. It is a great dissection of normal life that people are so accustomed to living in. Yet, humans miss to fully comprehend how society revolves. The song birthed from overwhelming family conflict. This has drastically changed her outlook on life. More than that, the song is a collective of frustrations and inconveniences that led her to a point of apathy.

Momoko Rose Music

This track touches on personal and social issues. Although taken from the artist’s experiences, this also takes a broader view of how she perceives society. She talks about “social constructs; the ‘normality’ of family structures and the driving hand of capitalism”. It largely speaks of the artist’s values and how she had to compromise them simply just to exist in the world. This sentiment also pays appreciation and takes inspiration to the working class who work so hard to survive and merely exist.

There is a metaphorical connotation of the existing give and take relationship with capitalism. The lyrics are so much reflective of the societal concept that things are created more for convenience. This has now become the reason to turn a blind eye to. The track is a deeper interpretation of life beneath these poetic lyrics.

Momoko Rose has purposefully intended Humans Weep to be sonically simple due to its theme, apathy in life. This simplicity of the melody lets the lyrics shine through and be brought forefront. This beautifully-placed track is part of her upcoming EP, Anticlimactic Girl. There will be a lot to watch out for from Momoko Rose music.

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