Morf Music and The Bucket Boy – Live Looping

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Morf Music and The Bucket Boy – Live Looping

Fantastic Morf Music and The Bucket Boy busking at Pitt Street Mall, Sydney.

Watch Morf Music and The Bucket Boy had an awesome busking session at Pitt Street Mall, Sydney. These guys are amazing musicians who now how to put on a great show live from the streets.

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Morf Music


Morf music
Morf Music

Percussive guitarist and vocalist Morf ventures into the depths of the acoustic guitar; creating new and unique sounds. He pushes the boundaries of what was once thought possible from one man and an acoustic guitar.
John Challis is a independent solo multi-instrumentalist and singer, who has gained the online following as one-man-band ‘Morf’

Morf combines a unique percussive lap tapping guitar style, with a mesmerizing vocal style and his signature stomp box to create songs that sound far beyond what you’d expect one man to be capable of creating alone.

Morf Music

​ Morf began his world travels in 2012; where he left Australia. Since then he has traveled Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, the Middle East and more, bringing his music to different cultures all over the world.
​ He has been seen by over 40,000,000 online, and was featured on ABC News in 2017 as ‘Britain’s new and upcoming musician’
Morf is available for booking private gigs, functions and events

Morf Music

For more information: [email protected]

Available for booking: Contact : [email protected] or [email protected] for pricing



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