Top 15 New Indie Music Songs for May 2020

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May was another great month for new Indie music and as always, it was extremely difficult to narrow down our list for the best new songs. Our only criteria is that they have less than 100K monthly listeners on Spotify. The songs below are in no particular order other than mixing up the genres somewhat. We love them all and think they are all equally great! Give them a listen now and go discover your next favorite song. Stay up to date and follow our “New Indie Music” playlist

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We have heard dozens of quarantine songs over the past few weeks but this is one of the best. It is deeply personal, emotion and we can all relate. “I want to disappear” is something that I know we have all felt recently. Let’s all sing along, regardless of where we are or what we are going through, that is something we can all do, together. Plus, it a super fun video! See if you can spy one of our other artists on this list in the video ๐Ÿ™‚ Whoever comments below gets an “elbow 5” Thanks, Allison! Check out more from her!

Best New Indie Music

This is an awesome song all the way through. However, his voice sticks out as one of the most special voices we have heard in a long time. Wow! That is the only way we know how to respond. We can’t wait to see where Oliver’s voice takes him, we think it will be far. Remember us, little guys ๐Ÿ™‚ Listen to more of his music!

Top New Indie Songs May 2020

Paper Jackets is a new group to us and we are so glad we found them! They have the perfect pop sound and write really good songs. Just hit play already and enjoy!! All their songs are really good so check out more here!

Paper Jackets Baby Teeth

Since this list is for “New Indie Music” we don’t always know what we are going to find. We are very excited to add a few Rock entries this month! This one by Jordan Red is a great song that has it all. It is a big anthem type of song that has stayed on repeat for us much of the time this month. Check out more from the band!

Jordan Red Don't Let the heavens Fall

We have been following Saint Chaos for a little while now and always enjoy their music, until now. ๐Ÿ˜‰ To be honest, we were not crazy about this song when we first heard it. Why is it on our list then? Because fortunately, we kept listening. When it clicked, it clicked in a big way and we absolutely love this song now! Has that ever happened to you? We are always talking bout not being afraid to mix it up and do something different, that’s exactly what they did and in the end, we love it! Check out our recent feature on the band! Good job guys, thanks for being patient with me ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out more cool music from them here!

Saint Chaos Parachute

HeartMouth has become a regular on our Top songs of the month list because they keep putting out great songs. We think this one is extra special. It has the usual from the band, great musicianship, and great vocals. However, the passion and emotion of the song go to a whole new level. No one sings “soaring” vocals like Casey and he is in top form on this one. For us, it has gotten better the more we have listened to it, (and that has been a lot). Give it a listen now and check out our exclusive interview with the band here. Check out more great music from Heartmouth!

Heartmouth I think the world is on fire

Fellow Texan, J.B. Boone hits it out of the park with his latest, “Wildfeather.” This is the first time we have added his song to our “Best of” list but we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last. We love his style and storytelling music and want more! Go check him out for yourself!

JB Boone

What can we say about Luna Keller? We try to not have favorites on our site, but we think she is pretty great. She was our “Artist of the month” for March and you can check out our full feature interview with her here. So much talent at so young an age, we truly enjoy sharing this journey with her. And if that is not enough, she may have the coolest parents on the planet. Check out their live streams for lots of fun! Check out all her great music!

Luna Keller I'll Bring You Home

Another great find this month is “Fog” by Break Fate. This song is so cool and catchy, we literally have not stopped listening to it. We say this to ourselves all the time, but seriously, “how is this band not huge already?” Keep doing what your doing guys! Check out more from them!

Break Fate - Fog

If you watched American Idol this past season, then listen to this song with your eyes closed, you will think you are listening to “runner up” Arthur Gun. However, we think Isaac is so talented, we don’t want him to live under the shadow of that comparison. He stands firmly on his own and has an incredible and distinct voice that is all his own. We really are excited to hear more from this young man! Listen to more from him!

Isaac Jensen - Feelings

Your not the only one to find life heavy” Every once in a while a line really grabs me and shakes me around and wakes me up. This was one of those lines for me. It is sometimes easy to think that we are the only ones facing hard times or struggling. That is not true! We are all on a journey and it gets tough at times for everyone. Reach out and talk to someone when you feel alone, we all feel that way at times. Thanks for the great song guys! Check out our feature on the band.

Check out more from the band!

Colours in the street

What a great song! Kia has given us a powerful and inspirational song for this generation. Give it a close listen and see for yourself, especially if you have ever listened to the lies from the mirror. She is a new artist to us and we are excited to listen to more of her music. You can do the same here!

Kia - Worth It

We loved I’m No Chessman’s last song “Let it Burn” and they have done it again with their new track “Favourite Phrase.” This one is better with headphones! Check out more from the band!

I'm No Chessman

This young man is off to a quick start in the music world … listen and you will see why! With only two songs, he is one to watch for sure! Keep it going Sam, we can’t wait to hear what’s next. Listen to him here!

Sam and Sounds Addicted to You

In the middle of 2020, with all our cool technology, thankfully there are still songs like this, where a piano and a voice still keep us on the edge of our seats. Don’t get me wrong, we love technology. But, Emma really drew us in close with this one … it is special. Check out more from her!

Emma Taylor - made your bed

Thanks for checking out our Top 15 New Indie Songs for May 2020! It has been a difficult few weeks, but your music has helped more people than you will ever know. Thanks for being you and we want to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing! As we do each month, we share a few more songs below, because we can never narrow it down to just 15 songs.

by Wade / NEM

For even more, check out the full 55 song playlist!

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