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Niiva Music | 3 Vibin' Songs That Give You 'The Feels'

Niiva Music | 3 Vibin’ Songs That Give You ‘The Feels’

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Niiva Music delivers a sound that is infused with R&B some New-Wave type of elements which results to songs like ‘Trigger’. Niiva said this song was written out of personal experience and based on her own personality.

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Niiva Music History and Bio

Niiva Music

Niiva music is a Canadian based solo artist who was a Bulgarian at birth. In Canada, she found a new home with her music. Sounds like an organic modern-pop, she makes her music wrapped up in a digital style. When it comes to lyrics, she sources from her own personality and personal experiences. She makes songs like she is telling stories or somewhat like having a conversation. Her voice is very defiant which is a perfect match to her courage in singing her lyrically liquid anthems. With all her efforts made in music, she is definitely now taking the wheel of her career. So, for audiences like us, let’s all sit back and enjoy the ride!

Niiva Music

Love Games

‘Love Games’ is the next one in this Niiva music collection and it is quite noticeable how good the recording on this song is. By the time you press on play you immediately think that it is as if Niiva is right in your living room singing for you. (Especially when you got good speakers) You will hear the delicate guitar and her sweet voice telling you her thoughts and feelings.


Another song to dance to! This is ‘Sweeter’, a song about love that doesn’t last long. It is somewhat about being numb after all the pain you’ve experienced from heartbreaks. By the way the lyrics are written, it is as if you are playing the game of love where you should learn the saying “Hate the Game, Not the Player”.

That’s what I have in my mind. How about you? What do you think of this song or the entire Niiva music collection we prepared?

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