Nikki Taylor Vibe | A Rainy Afternoon Chill Song

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Nikki Taylor Vibe came up with this very meaningful song that I think is about overcoming battles in life like depression. It shows how life goes like as it and one day something terrible happened and it changed everything permanently to the point like there’s no more chance of bringing back to old happy days. Often times these feelings really get on top of our heads and tend to be a really hard battle to fight. However, whatever happens, we shall continue to fight and stay on our paths. Never look at the bad but rather, always look forward to the brighter days. Don’t mind what’s absent and appreciate all that you’ve got regardless of how small it is.

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Nikki Taylor Vibe Bio

Nikki Taylor Vibe
Nikki Taylor Vibe

Born in Long Island, NY, Nikki Taylor Vibe is an American Independent artist with hypnotic vocals and has the ability to connect deeply with her fans through her meaningful lyrics that tell storeis. It started when she was writing songs at a young age and has performed on and co-produced multiple collaborative albums. She has explored several genres and has worked with numerous well-known artists and legendary producers which placed her multiple songs with established music labels.

Recently, she released her first EP which she has been working hard for the past year. The first single in this EP is titled ‘Wasted’ which dropped in January 20, 2020. It is noticeable in her song that her unique sound is rooted in her formative music years spent working in Indie HipHop.

Nikki Taylor has been performing since she was young. She studied multiple genres of dance from the age of 3, tried acting in a local theater and Off Broadway Theatres, including the historic 13th Street Repertory, at the very young age of 8. An opportunity was offered to her giving her the chance to sing during some of theater performances. Her love for singing eventually took over her free time and lead to a passionate writing of songs and now an independent publishing artist.

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