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Baby Teeth

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Watch Paper Jackets music video on their new single Baby Teeth. The song sounds a refreshing kind of pop. Really great to listen to when you’re chilling with your friends in a room. It’s something you all could sing at the top of your lungs. The song is even relatable, conveying about “losing the things you had as a child and growing new armor” according to frontman James Mason. Aimee Proal adds that they are all in their happy places when they sing this song. Find your own happy place and check out this band favorite now!

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Paper Jackets Music

Paper Jackets Music

Paper Jackets is an LA-based alt-pop band formed in 2016. Their random meetings and sessions had evolved into the formation of the group. They are due to release their album, Souvenirs, in summer. The album is a compilation of songs that are about memories of their past and stories of how they got to where they are now.


Mason – Vocals
Emily Dickinson – Keyboard & live backing vocals
Jonny Vesely – Guitar
Miles Franco – Bass & live backing vocals
David Allen – Drums
Aimee Proal – Vocals

What They Call A Life

Taken from their Souvenirs Volume 1 album, the song is another positive vibe. It is about going through changes in life alongside your friends who are helping you. The song repeats the lines “nothing really lasts forever”, reminding us to make the most of what is good. Even the bad times that we have to go through are teaching us to love and be strong. Take a listen to this meaningful song with your friends and treasure the relationship you have. These friends will be there through your ups and downs. Also, check out the rest of the Paper Jackets music videos now!


A charming Paper Jackets music video of ‘Girl’. The group reveals that this video is kind of “homemade” since they tried doing it themselves with only limited resources. It must have been fun that friends actually came over to help with the cameras in addition to camera people they hired. Well, low budget or not, this video is perfect for this chic song. And for all it’s worth, they did great producing this video. Watch it now!



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