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Pontea Music | 3 Sentimental Songs NeverEnoughMusic.com

Pontea Music | 3 Sentimental Songs

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Come Find Me

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Pontea music has realized that as the world grapples with this pandemic, we all need each other more than before. She showed this by writing this song ‘Come Find Me’ where mental health and suicide prevention themes are in its lyrics. It is about being there in times of being in the darkest hours. This song is an emotional ballad with a mix of a touching piano sound and Pontea’s delicate voice. The song expresses that we need to support each other in our most vulnerable times.

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Pontea Music Bio

Pontea Music

Pontea music originated in the city of Los Angeles where she grew up in a fairly traditional Persian-American home. In her early life, she has realized that there are conflicts between others’ expectations and her own truth. When she started playing piano since she was seven, Pontea made music and the arts as a liberating outlet for her self-expression. During her youth, she would love to experiment by performing as a dancer, actress, and musician. However, her love for music is the one that truly took over after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UCLA. By then, she made the veracious decision to break through all the limiting standards of a woman’s role in her culture and then pursued her passion full time.

Along the way, Pontea surrounded herself with talented friends and collaborators and enhanced her talent. She did a DIY approach on her art and it has seen constant growth since late 2019. She has also built a loyal fan base from a handful of self-produced cover videos that have made over 100,000 views on YouTube and by releasing her debut EP “Unpredictable” which made it a very obvious reason as to why her folloiwng is on an upward swing.


“Power” is a single that Pontea released as a follow-up to “Possession” and “What You Don’t Know” which was both released last year. Pontea music has shaped this song that made a universal empowerment anthem about the overcoming adversity of people. “Power” takes us on a very reflective state towards self-love and embracing one’s true worth. This is a song that can be a perfect addition to your summer playlist.


An emotional and amazing song by Pontea, “Possession” tells us about being careful about what other people around you are feeling because you will never know the battle that they face each day. You’ll never know that a person can look happy from the outside yet from the inside, depression is already consuming him or her.

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