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Micro Plastic People

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We need more songs that tackle relevant issues these days. Quarry music released his single Micro Plastic People in July 2020. Vitorrio Tolomeo is the indie-pop rock singer-songwriter behind Quarry.

The song is a call for everyone to take a stand against microplastics that are present in what we eat, drink, and even breathe. Written before the pandemic, the song was inspired by “Microplastic people”, a documentary film aired on Italian TV.

Quarry sings in vocals that seem filtered, sounding like he is inside an enclosed case. It is a projection of being wrapped or contained in plastic. This was manifested in his promo video where he was wrapped in plastic and trying to get out of it. Sounds of crumpled plastics in the background can be heard, emphasizing microplastic pollution.

Quarry Music

“Considering nature as a set of resources that can be exploited for our benefit doesn’t seem to take us to a good place. Consciously or unconsciously, we humans live with problems we have created. Microplastics that pervade the planet is one of them. Will the pandemic really change the way we think? I wrote this song before the pandemic, but the apparently joyful chorus ’Micro Plastic People Wolf Down These Days’ probably reflects the way we face problems. We run too fast and tend to ignore them. Is it time to rethink our arrogant relationship with nature? Let’s do it.”

Press Release, Micro Plastic People

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Micro Plastic People Lyrics

Quarry Music

I was drowning in the fields of polypropylene
Light blue turned black
I was floating like waste in the ocean
Trapped in plastic wrack

It was out of control
I was out of control
Now ring that bell
Ring that bell

I was counting sins in the water
Not everything came back
I was pulling my weight I was sober
I was standing firm

Micro Plastic People
Wolf down these days

I was climbing the falls of polyethylene
Deep sky blue turned black
I was fighting my thought monster
Back here in my place

It was out of control
I was out of control
Micro Plastic People
Wolf down these days 

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