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This is our top pick for Redbook music top 3 compilation. It’s a live recording filmed at Big Smoke Studios in Wembley, England. Although it is a live recording, it still is in a very high quality production. The singers voice is very very clear as well as the sound of the guitar. Lastly, I have to say this guitarist is REALLY good. You should watch so you would find out why.

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Redbook Music History

Redbook Music

Redbook music is a product of a melting pot of musical and cultural influences. They started in 2017 when Soraya Grosso who is an experienced vocalist stumbled into a British-born guitarist Jake Tweddle outside a local cinema. Since then, the pair has been writing and recording music. Both were raised in punk and folk music which make Jake plays nicely around Soraya’s soulful and rich voice. Another factor of their music is Soraya’s background in traditional Italian classics which makes a very unique sound and composition outcome.

Redbook music has been exposed to playing in caves, shipping containers and record stores which makes them not new to unorthodox venues. They are very flexible when it comes to showing off their talents. This pair makes their juxtaposition of music with a taste of rich and powerful vocals plus raw acoustic playing with lyrics that really reach for the listeners and songs that keep them.

I Love You

This is a really good bit of the Redbook music taste. This song is very chill, relax and calm. I can imagine this song is perfect for romantic sunsets at the beach! I know you can agree to that. When you listen to this song, I’m sure you’ll at least get a relaxed feeling and just think of happy and lovely thoughts.


Now, this song is a good example of how versatile Redbook music can be. From a simple acoustic song as our first pick, the second being a very relaxing one, now we have ‘Midnight’. It’s a good mix of sweet sounding mellow music that transitions into a lively dance music at the chorus. This is something that I think is not easy to pull off. Writing this kind of music requires extra bit of imagination and creativity. Of all songs we listed here, this one is my favorite. How about you?

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