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Riley Clemmons Broken prayers

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Watch this incredible video by Riley Clemmons “Broken Prayers”. She has unbelievably good vocals. So powerful and chilling. Her talent absolutely shines with this heart-warming song. She has the appeal and the voice you would want to hear over and over again. So what are you waiting for? Check out this outstanding music video and be sure to watch all the way!

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Riley Clemmons Broken prayers

Riley Clemmons Broken Prayers
Riley Clemmons

Riley Clemmons is an American singer – song writer who began song writing when she was just 13. She was discovered while competing in a school pageant in Nashville by a Talent Manager named Mitchell Solarek. She mainly sings and plays Christian pop style contemporary worship music.

Her songs are mainly about finding God and putting Him in the center of you life. She writes them with the aim of spreading good music and putting God above all. She has God given talent that she does not want to put to waste so it is so cool that she is sharing it with all of us.

She released her debut self-titled album with American music group Capitol CMG on August 4, 2018 and is now known for her Christian radio hits, “Broken Prayers” and “Better For It.” The song “Better for it” reached No. 37 on the Hot Christian Songs chart. A music video for “Hold On” was released on July 19, 2018.

Now her self titled album made a debut at No. 28 on the Top Christian Albums chart and No. 13 on the US Heatseekers Albums chart! She is definitely an artist to watch out for!

Riley Clemmons Broken prayers

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