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Rolling Stones Covers | Top 15 Covers Ever by Amazing Artists

Rolling Stones Covers | Top 15 Covers Ever by Amazing Artists

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15 Best Rolling Stones Covers

Welcome to our list of the 15 Best Rolling Stones Covers. A British rock band formed in 1962, they have existed for more than 50 years together. The band has been nominated for and received multiple awards. Over time, the Rolling Stones have been the representative figure of rock with its “seamless blend of sound, look, and public image”. Members have come and gone throughout their musical career but original members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards remained at the core of the band. Although the title of being the greatest rock and roll band in history is debatable for some, the band is undeniably the creators of sound and style that is imitated by so many countless groups.

Get ready to be blown away by these artists’ awesome versions of our favorite songs in this best of Rolling Stones covers list!

Angie | Passenger Cover

Watch Passenger singing a Rolling Stones cover, Angie. The song tells of the end of a romance and is mostly played with acoustic guitar. It was composed by Richards with contributions from Jagger. Richards mentioned in his 2010 memoir, Life, that the name in the title was random and that it wasn’t about any particular person. Speculation was also that Jagger’s contribution to the song was referring to his breakup with Marianne Faithfull. In this cover, Michael Rosenberg (Passenger) sings a more mellow rhythm. The best way to describe his voice is raw and soulful, and it matches the emotions that the song conveys.

15 Best Rolling Stones Covers

Wild Horses | Miley Cyrus Cover

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Superb performance on Wild Horses by Miley Cyrus singing one of the best Rolling Stones covers. This song is about “not wanting to be on the road, being a million miles from where you want to be”. Miley showcases her beautiful voice in this sad song. It’s wonderful to listen to how she sings with lower notes and shifts to high notes, especially during the chorus. Her vocal power is also highlighted. We have been on the lookout for her since she was a Disney star until her growth in the music and film industry. She is an incredibly talented young woman!

Rip This Joint | Greenday Cover

Greenday truly ripped this classic Rolling Stones cover with Rip This Joint. We couldn’t think of a band who would do this cover better. The sax solo was a slam! Despite the lyrics sounding rambled and barely understandable like the original, this song just invites the audience for a dance number with its fast tempo. The song was released in 1972 from the album Exile on Main St. This is rock n’ roll at it’s best!

15 Best Rolling Stones Covers

Paint It Black | Incubus Cover

Watch Incubus in their Paint It Black cover. The song conveys depression about a death as stated in the lyrics. It was originally written as a much slower song. This was also the band’s first song to feature a sitar instrument. This song is one of the international hits that the band made, charting number one in Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart. From the video, this cover is done impromptu but still, turns out really great. Incubus did an awesome take on this classic song. We can never get enough of Brandon Boyd’s voice.

Sympathy for the Devil | The Big Push Cover

Awesome cover of Sympathy for the Devil from The Big Push. We love Rolling Stones covers and this is just one of the best. Really great vocals and instrumental play. The energy that this show gives out is contagious. The guys are just having a blast performing. We’re pretty sure you enjoyed the video like we did. The song is largely a Jagger composition and he said this was influenced by his Baudelaire books. Interestingly, people called the Rolling Stones ‘devil worshippers’ after the song was released with its unpretentious lyrics. The band thought it was odd to be called such. Regardless, all we know is that the band is just great musicians taking inspiration from anything and everything.

Brown Sugar | The Stones Cover

Watch this tribute band, The Stones in their Brown Sugarperformance here in our list of the best Rolling Stones covers. The group was formed in 2007 as a tribute band for the “world’s greatest rock and roll group” in history. This band performs the music of the Rolling stones with accuracy and faithfulness with that of a real Rolling Stones show. This group has the closest Mick Jagger look-alike you’ll ever find, and these guys are more than just imitations. The group is also composed of rightfully talented musicians. The song was released in 1971 in the Rolling Stones’ album Sticky Fingers.

Gimme Shelter | Anne & the Crazy Wigs Cover

Watch Ann & the Crazy Wigs in their Gimme Shelter cover by the Rolling Stones. It was during a very violent era when Jagger-Richards wrote the song. This was released in 1969 from the album Let It Bleed. From the moment of hearing the voice in this video, one can never be ready for the clear and powerful vocals that Anne has. Credits also to the great band who played so well.

Paint It Black | Spinning Jenny Cover

Check out Spinning Jenny performing Paint It Black. They are real sisters along with their dad. Isn’t he just the coolest dad? These are really talented young girls. And, of course, we’re always crazy about girls who play drums and sing at the same time. We do look forward to seeing more of this band’s videos.

15 Best Rolling Stones Covers

Honky Tonk Women | Neighborhood Cover

Watch Honky Tonk Women performed by Neighborhood. This group is a cover rock band from Switzerland. This band’s energy is high and is clearly having fun. Great performance for that groovy song. The song was released in 1969 and was in the charts for seventeen weeks and stayed number one for five weeks.

Jumpin Jack Flash | The Struts Cover

Watch The Struts in their Jumpin Jack Flash cover. This group definitely has the rock n’ roll spirit, especially the vocals. Awesome performance from this English rock band. The Rolling Stones released the song in 1968. It was said that the song was formed when Jagger was at Richards’ place and asked about the clumping footsteps that he heard. Richards’ reply was that it was his gardener, Jack, “jumpin’ Jack”.

Wild Horses | Rival Sons Cover

Watch this soulful performance from Rival Sons in their Wild Horses cover. We are blown away by the vocal’s emotional and powerful voice. They are an American rock band formed in 2009. The band cites musical inspirations from Prince, D’Angelo, The Roots, Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf. The group leans on Blues-rock, Hard rock, and Rock and Roll music.

15 Best Rolling Stones Covers

Beast of Burden | Juice Cover

Ultimately deserving to be one of the best covers on our list is Juice in their Beast of Burden rendition. We are so hooked with this song with its chill rhythm and certainly one of the best of Rolling Stones. Once we hear this, it automatically goes to our playlist. Now, the cover done by this American band is just incredible. That awesome voice is just perfect for the song. And this is video is plainly just fun to watch. We absolutely want more Juice music. Lyrically, the song could be taken to be about a particular woman. Although Jagger and Richards say there could be an influence, this song was entirely about the time Jagger had to “shoulder the burden” of leading the band when Richards was deep in drugs.

Shattered | Pearl Jam Cover

Interesting cover of Shattered by Pearl Jam and Jeanne Tripplehorn. This video was like ‘listening’ to broadway music, only that the song is originally by the Rolling Stones. We should have been warned when Eddie said Jeanne “could sing any Rolling Stones song as Julie Andrews”. You would actually, at first, think you were listening to the wrong song if not for the lyrics. The song is reflective of the 1970s era American lifestyle which captures a somewhat chaotic scene. Jeanne sings it in a conversationally humorous way but emphasizes the meaning of the lyrics. This video was fun to watch and this duo did really great on this cover. We absolutely love this!

15 Best Rolling Stones Covers

Gimme Shelter | Rag ‘N’ Bone Man Cover

Watch Rag ‘N’ Bone Man in our best of Rolling Stones covers list performing Gimme Shelter. How we love that powerful baritone voice! He is a British singer-songwriter and his music is inclined to New Blues and soul genre. His cover of this great song comes in a different tempo. Richards said the song is actually inspired by “seeing people scurrying for shelter from a sudden rainstorm”. There is much chaos in the song’s lyrics and the artist’s soulful singing stresses the “mess” that people see around.

Start Me Up | Blondie Cover

Watch Blondie’s Start Me Up cover in this video. This group is an American rock band pioneering American new wave and punk in the mid-late 1970s. The band disbanded in 1982 and this cover was performed during their farewell concert. They reformed in 1997, still achieving success as before. That shows real artistry when you can be gone for a long time and still come back and receive the same acceptance and support. It is awesome to find out that some of the great hits by many artists that we know today are actually originally sung by Blondie. The band and their music remains existent until this moment.

That concludes our list of the 15 Best Rolling Stones Covers. It’s amazing to get to know some new artists and their music. Do you have a favorite? Is there a cover song that we missed and you think should be included in our list? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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  1. This is quite a unique list of covers. You can add ‘Brown Suger’ by Little Richard, ‘Play With Fire’ by Manfred Mann and ‘This Place Is Empty’ by Gilles Snowcat.

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