Rose Colored World Music | 2 life-inspiring tracks in difficult times

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Watch this Rose Colored World music video for their new song Rising. The world is going through tough times. We definitely need this! Rising is a collaboration of Rae and Addison with their friend, Austin. It could have been a spontaneous decision to collaborate. Yet, their intention is to make everybody feel a little bit better through this song. It is very inspiring. Love how this song unites everyone. Family and friends helped create this video. Over one hundred people from all over the world also sent their videos smiling, singing, and dancing along with the song. Better bring tissue with you when you watch this video. It could get very touching and emotional.

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Rose Colored World Music

Rose Colored World Music

The duo Rebecca Ann Epstein (RAE) and Addison Scott happily welcome us into their Rose Colored World, as their Facebook page says! RAE also stands for her message ‘Remain Always Empowered‘.

They are LA-based alt/pop artists. The multi-talented singer-songwriters are also producers and instrumentalists.

This duo worked on different solo projects for years before they decided to create a project together. They released their debut single “Walking On The Sun” in November 2019.

“Through making music together, and falling in love, we wanted a way to share that energy with you which is how our “rose colored world” was born”.

Watch this Rose Colored World music video of Walking on the Sun. Released in November 2019, the debut single is groovy. That is catchy for anyone who listens. More importantly, it sends out a relevant message. It is “attributed to all the struggles and challenges we all face everyday from being alive. It’s okay not to be okay sometimes. The key is allowing it to spring you forward and not hold you back“. The lyrics do tell realistic daily situations. Listening to this song on repeat is never boring. Put on your headset ‘coz you’re going to love how the bass guitar runs!

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