Ryan Montgomery Music | Buzzed at First Sight

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Ryan Montgomery | Buzzed at First Sight

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Watch Ryan Montgomery perform his super cool original music “Buzzed at First Sight”. He does a great job with this song. The beat is just simply awesome! I bet this song will be a great hit someday! His voice is a perfect match for this song, super catchy and super fun to listen! Therefore, be sure to watch this music video all the way through and don’t forget to scroll down and watch his other beautiful original music video below “Til the Sun Came Up”.

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Ryan Montgomery Music
Ryan Montgomery Music

Ryan Montgomery Music | Buzzed at First Sight

From a very early age, Ryan Montgomery was really drawn to music and by the time he was 12 years old he started writing songs and performing, he started his music carer when he was just out of high school he drove and park his car in the middle of thousands of country music fans and performed right off the back of his tailgate for the crowd tailgating outside the Coral Sky Amphitheater in his hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida, how amazing it is because just 2 short years later he found himself performing on the main stage inside that very same amphitheater.

At the age of 21, he has officially released nine beautiful songs as an independent artist and he is still currently producing his own music and records, Ryan already worked and record with some of the Nashville’s top session players, and works with some of Nashville’s most talented engineers including F. Reid Shippen, multiple GRAMMY award-winning mixer, engineer, and producer, and Pete Lyman, GRAMMY-nominated mastering engineer.

Ryan Montgomery Music

Ryan’s releases have over 4,000,000 combined streams and have landed on Apple Music’s Best of the Week (All Charts), Cool Country Playlist, Hot Tracks, Apple Music Features, Spotify Editorial Playlists, Spotify’s Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, New Country 2018, Promo Only, with National airplay and radio features. Although music was always a special part of his life, he had another interest as well, he participates in numerous sports such as Ice hockey, basketball, competitive waterskiing, surfing and working out.

For him, seeing the faces of his audience light up when he comes on the stage is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of what he gets to do and he believes that music has the power to do better than anything else.

Currently, Ryan has been busy writing and recording with big plans to release new music in 2020, So be sure to follow him on his socials for you to be updated, He is definitely one of the most talented singers so you better shouldn’t miss any of his songs.

Ryan Montgomery Music

Til the Sun Came Up by Ryan Montgomery

Watch Ryan Montgomery perform his another original song “Til the Sun Came Up”. This man has an undeniable talent! His voice and talent stand out while he is singing this song, he never really fails to amaze us. Listen to this song now.

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