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Saint Chaos Music | 5 Electrifying Rock Anthems %

Saint Chaos Music | 5 Electrifying Rock Anthems

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We bring you the Saint Chaos music compilation with this first song “Parachute”. The first thing I notice is their jumpsuits. They are totally like the ones on Netflix’s TV Show La Casa de Papel (Money Heist). The song I think is about dealing with our inner devils and overcoming them by getting out of that ‘problem zone’ and that you only have no choice but to fight it.

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About Saint Chaos Music

Saint Chaos Music
Saint Chaos

Saint Chaos music is a Modern Rock duo originated in Berlin, Germany. The style of vocals is post-grungy with a blend of guitar-driven electronic beats with ‘vibey’ atmospheres. Nils Brunkhorst, the vocalist and Phil Sunday, the producer/guitarist created a real trademark sound. This genre-blending style of music brings its audience a very energetic pop rock anthems with an electronic twist. These two songwriters said they they will make sure to give their audience a very visual and cinematic sound feels while still remaining honest with their lyrics and be catchy in their melodies.

Saint Chaos Music Collection

Better Days

Better Days’ music video is probably the coolest one in this selection. The song is so good and I think it will get stuck in your head. It is basically about what the title says. We all have ups and downs and what’s important is that no matter how long we go through our down times, always think that there are better days ahead.


Another great music video for this Saint Chaos music compilation is “Echo”. It’s a simple clip compilation of random videos turned black and white while putting in the lyrics on the screen. I think the song is about those voices in our head that tells us things that we sometimes do not want to hear.


Official music video for their song “Rain”. It shows a story of a couple in a car in which they seem to be travelling with. Saint Chaos seems to always produce a really good quality music video. It’s always a complete package and that’s a great practice as an artist.

Ain’t No Sunshine

Finally, for this Saint Chaos music collection is “Ain’t No Sunshine”, a song cover which was originally written and sang by Bill Withers. Now, I guess we all know about this song, right?

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