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Sam the Astronaut Music | 3 Anthems To Dance To

Sam the Astronaut Music | 3 Anthems To Dance To

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High For You

Sam the Astronaut music is giving us the feels with their danceable love song latest ‘High For You’. This song so much sounds like the last decade’s electro-pop music with a touch of vocal harmonies that melt across the track. This might be the grooviest ballad you’ve ever heard in quite a while.

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Sam the Astronaut Music Bio

Sam the Astronaut Music
Sam the Astronaut

Sam the Astronaut music is a duo composed of Garrison Johnson and TJ Gibson. They both grew up in the same Vancouver suburb and both pursued their musical ambitions independently. Along the way, they have met again when they found a fresh musical perspective in each other. On that day, the name ‘Sam the Astronaut’ was born! This duo’s music is an alchemical mix of snappy pop, new-wave electronic, hip-hop grit, and funky disco. Alongside that, they also wrote and self-produced their acclaimed 2017 debut album ‘Girls of Summer’ which quickly connected them to a very fast-growing audience. With that being said, their online music streams easily reached 1.5 million plays.

Moreover, the combination of Garrison’s distinct and rich vocals, together with TJ’s dynamic production capabilities offer a very anthemic West Coast alt-pop music that feels both contemporary and very likely of the classic hits across the early party playlists.

Sam the Astronaut Music

Midnight Carlight

‘Midnight Carlight’ is one of those songs where you easily notice the synth notes and its tune easily funnels you to the very ‘flavourful’ world and the deep notes that harmonize between the two artists are eargasmic! Sam the Astronaut music is surely getting you somewhere with this music. Something that could take you out of where you are.


Almost every male artist out there has a song or two about girls. Of course, Sam the Astronaut music isn’t exempted from that fact! By the sound of the lyrics, it appears to be about loving a girl so much that you couldn’t care less about everybody else around. You should definitely look at the lyrics while listening to this tune! I bet you’ll get an LSS!

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