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Hollywood $$$

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When Hollywood is mentioned, rich and famous come to mind. And talking about that, it also follows to assume that these celebrities are happy. Now comes a Seraphina Simone music video on her single Hollywood. This track gets us rethinking our assumption. When you’re up in the limelight, everyone only notices your smile and the good life.

The song is about the life behind the fame and glamour that is Hollywood. The track portrays how the glamorous life is a lie behind the smiles with “…they all know your name but no one knows your pain”. The lyrics “Good Lord, how they wanna be you” describes that people do envy what you have and make it their measure of happiness. Beauty pageants showcase the thought of the song. It demonstrates society’s norm for beauty, intelligence, and success- perfection!

They who bask in the glamour of celebrity-hood are also humans who think and feel. But, being in the glare of publicity, and to stay there, these people have to pay the price of being looked at their smiles, and not right through those smiles.

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Seraphina Simone Music

Much as her latest track, Hollywood, is about glamour Seraphina Simone also lives under the belt of fame. Being the daughter of the musician, Terence Trent D’Arby aka Sananda Maitreya, she grew up brushing shoulders with Hollywood-famous people. She studied at Oxford and supported her music on her own, working “every crap job under the sun”. With her childhood experiences; her deep-South pastor grandfather, and a heritage that is black, Greek, Irish, and Cherokee, Seraphina Simone music has created her own unique style.

Seraphina Simone Music

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