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Easy To Fly

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This new Seth Baer song titled ‘Easy To Fly’ is a song about having the feeling of flying whenever you don’t think of problems but instead think about the love you have for your home. It is about reminding yourself that everything is temporary and just keep moving forward.

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Seth Baer Music

Seth Baer Music

Seth Baer is a singer-songwriter who grew up in Seattle. He currently lives in Los Angeles to pursue his journey of being a musician. While Kurt Cobain could be credited as one of his musical influences, he points out that his inspiration for pursuing music was his mom’s ex-husband, who would go to their house on a motorcycle and play his guitar. Seth thought that it was “a great way to make money and have fun at the same time”.

“…writing songs that speak truth and to the heart is what’s most important. Not in a deep reflective way, but more of a spiritual feeling way”.

For Seth, words and melody are crucial. He wants his music to hold weight and make it memorable, not the kind that fades over time.

I Am Brave

A truly inspiring song from Seth Baer music video for I Am Brave. Perfectly laid out thoughts with the craziness that’s going on in the world. Amidst fear of the unpredictable, there’s no other option than brave the battles we go through. His voice is so perfect for this song and it brings out a lot of real emotions. With a message like what this song has, it is totally relatable and this song is something that doesn’t get forgotten easily or fade over time. And we really need more encouraging songs like this these days. Give the song a listen through the end and let its powerful message fill you up with courage in facing whatever you’re going through.

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