Shoopty-Doowop Pomplamoose

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Shoopty-Doowop | Pomplamoose

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Shoopty-Doowop | Cool Original song by Pomplamoose

Awesome original song ‘Shoopty-Doowop’ by Pomplamoose! Click & watch their cool music video as they perform with their usually swag and chill smoothness. Spot on musicianship and vocals all the way.

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Shoopty-Doowop Pomplamoose

Shoopty-doowop I wanna shoopty-doowop with you

I’m a screw up But I think you might be screwed up too, So Shoopty-doowop I wanna shoopty-doowop with you
Shoopty-doowop oo, Shoopty-doowop with you, Shoopty-doowop oo, Shoopty-doowop with you

Lalalonely I’m feelin’ lalalonely it’s true
Baby don’t leave
They’ll only seat a party of two
So party with me I won’t be lalalonely with you

Shoopty-Doowop Pomplamoose

Shoopty-Doowop Pomplamoose

La la lonely oo, La la lonely with you, La la lonely oo La la lonely with you

I wanna shoopty wanna Zippity do you
Wanna try the things You’d never say (Out loud)
I wanna lalalove you boy Don’t let the words
Get in the way They only get in the way

Shoopty-doowop I wanna shoopty-doowop with you
Yeah I’m a screw up
But that just makes it more fun to screw
So shoopty-doowop I wanna shoopty-doowop with you

Shoopty-Doowop Pomplamoose


Hi! We’re Pomplamoose. We post a new song every week on YouTube and Spotify — covers and originals. How it works: every month, the two of us (Nataly and Jack) fly down to LA to record 4 songs in a single day with a bunch of super talented musicians. Then we release them one per week. Then we fly down the next month and do it all again. It’s the dream!! Thank you for listening and thanks for being fans!

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