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Southbank Crows Music | 4 Pop Rocking Tracks NeverEnoughMusic.com

Southbank Crows Music | 4 Pop Rocking Tracks

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Wasting Time

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First up in our Southbank Crows music compilation is ‘Wasting Time’. This is their official music video which I think is very simple yet still good enough. The song is about spending time with your loved one and sharing really good memories yet in the end, it wouldn’t still work out for the both of you. Because of that, all those shared moments are ‘wasted time’.

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Southbank Crows Music Bio

Southbank Crows Music
Southbank Crows

Southbank Crows music started in London in the early stages of 2017. This alternative Rock/Pop band met each other at a blind audition. With their unique taste in Rock, Americana, and heartfelt lyrics, this band was formed. Later in 2017, they released a self-titled UP which emerged with 100,000+ streams and big stage appearances. After this, a follow-up EP was also released a year later called ‘The Wild Ones’.

The band is now in the studio back at music and recording their debut album. After taking part in big festivals, the band has no intention of slowing down in the upcoming years.

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1982 – official lyric video by Southbank Crows. This song is I think about overcoming fears and other obstacles in live together with your partner. Going through hard times is tough but you should embrace it and live with by all means. That’s why in the lyrics it says “Sometimes, we’ve got to shake hands, with those demons, to move, towards the light”.

Paradise Park

The third pick in our Southbank Crows music collection is “Paradise Park”. I personally like the happy tune of this one. And the lyrics I think is all about having good times with your friends and remembering all your good and funny memories together. Also, a part of it is about growing up and how we all used to be when we were younger. These are just my observations based on the music video. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below!


SW9th is a song that I think is about memories a guy has in a particular place where he met a girl. And every time he goes to this place, it reminds him of nothing but her and lots of good memories. That is also why the guy in the song is saying that he’s falling in love with the sounds of the city because anywhere he goes, all he remembers is the girl.

These are just some of the really nice songs of Southbank Crows music out there! You can go check them out on the social media handles we linked above.

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