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Stereo Jane Music | 3 Songs Of Love, Life, and Freedom

Stereo Jane Music | 3 Songs Of Love, Life, and Freedom

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I Don’t Wanna Talk About Me

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The first song in this Stereo Jane Music Selection is ‘I Don’t Wanna Talke About Me’. This is a song released just this 10th of July following their first single “Strangers”. They said this song is released to inspire their fans and show their growth as musicians.

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Stereo Jane Music History

Stereo Jane Music
Stereo Jane

Stereo Jane music seeks to use their creative spark within themselves and build something truly dynamic. They are an American alt-rock sister duo who just recently released their first single “Strangers”. Both siblings Sydney and Mia presents an edgy blend of different genres that makes its listeners wanting more.

The wide spectrum of musical inspiration also helped the duo’s move from a suburb outside of Detroit to the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. This is a newly found freedom that allowed the sisters to let loose and discover new depths to their songwriting and performance. The duo exemplifies the feeling of being a young, genuine band with a resonating sound.

In all the years they have been making music, it has come to a point that they are now working with some of the top songwriters and producers in Los Angeles.

Stereo Jane Music

Love Me Tender

This next song is “Love Me Tender”, an original soundtrack of the movie ‘Ready or Not’. People who saw the movie are saying that this Stereo Jane music made the movie even more perfect. May we should go watch the movie! What do you think?

Holy Hell

Our third pick for this Stereo Jane music selection is ‘Holy Hell’. This song is said to be about the state of being ready to leave someone or something that has been pulling you down for quite a while. Being strong and overcoming what you were meant to be and not conforming to someone else’s idea of what you should be doing in your life or who you should be.

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