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Thank you for your desire to submit your music to our site. We welcome you to our community. All submissions will be given serious consideration by our team. Please understand that we are not able to highlight or share every submission we receive on our site.

We also ask that you be patient as it takes some time to review each submission and give it proper attention.

A few general guidelines to submit your song to our site or playlists:

  • We only promote songs in English – even though we promote artists from all over the world.
  • We do NOT promote songs with explicit lyrics.
  • For our Spotify Playlists, we only promote artists with fewer than 100K monthly listeners.
  • We do NOT promote songs that denigrate or demean any group of people.
  • We do NOT promote songs that promote self-harm or harm to others.

We love Indie Musicians and can’t wait to hear your song. However, due to the overwhelming amount of song submissions we receive on a daily basis, we can no longer accept music submissions directly through email or messages on Social Media. We have worked hard to find the best possible sources to help us manage our submissions where we can also recoup a small monetary amount to help cover our time and expenses. It is important to understand that by submitting your song to us through any of the options below, we are guaranteeing that we will listen to your song and give it our full consideration. There are no guarantees of placement or promotion.

Options for submitting your Song to our website:

Submit a song for one of our Spotify Playlists. DropTrack is the quickest and easiest way to get your song heard and considered for our Spotify Playlists. Your song will be considered for all of our features including our playlists. Check out our Playlists here.

Submit a song and receive a substantial amount of honest feedback and helpful info. We use HumanHuman for this purpose and love their service. Your song will be considered for all of our features including our playlists. (Can take up to 7 days to receive a reply)

  • There is no need to use more than one of these sources in order for us to listen to and consider your song.
  • Tip: Please submit ONE specific song and not a whole EP or Album. We simply do not have time to listen to all the songs and try and decide which one to promote.
  • If you have an existing relationship with us you can go ahead and send us an email as we are continuing to check email for regular correspondence.

Thank you for for your submission and we wish you the very best of luck!

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