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Sukko Music | Banana Juice- An awesome track on relevant social issues

Sukko Music | Banana Juice- An awesome track on relevant social issues

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With a song intro that’s already catchy, Sukko music definitely has the swag. Listen to their single Banana Juice! You’re definitely in for a ‘last song syndrome’ with this track. The song starts out with a really cool rhythm that already makes you recognize what great music is all about. Get yourself ready for the chills of that smooth vocals. The song is beat-driven that may be perfect for quiet late-night drives.

Loving how the instruments perfectly coincide to create this really awesome track. Beyond beautiful melody lies the lyrically deeper message of this song. It talks about the relevant issue of global warming and climate change. With a picture of an ideal world, the song eventually moves into a realization that the ideal world is just a fantasy. It has a call to action message which targets the listeners. The lines “it’s not them, it’s you”, and the repetition of the word “mirror”, invites self-reflection of the listeners.

Sukko Music

The song had quite a different story before it came to be this really great track. It has gone through several impromptu improvisations, specifically the chorus, every time the band played the track in their gigs. The song was only finally completed when the band started recording the vocals; with the different versions mixed together to come up with what the song is now. Nonetheless, we have this awesome track to listen to and enjoy now. These guys will be around for a long time. Sukko music is sure to watch out for!

“When we first started playing Banana Juice in our live set, we were so desperate to get it
out to our audience that we actually didn’t have any vocals for the chorus. Each gig Felix
would sing some lines, brilliantly improvised, and no one picked up on it at all. In fact, it
wasn’t until we started recording the vocals, the ones you hear on the track now, that we
actually built the chorus section, with an amalgamation of the improvised vocals from the
previous shows.” – Eliot Clarke

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Sukko Music

Formed over the summer for 2018 that was started by Eliot Clarke and Felix Jordan, the band has now formed into a 5-piece. They are located across Sheffield, Lincoln, and Norfolk. The band plays a fusion of indie rock, jazz, reggae, and bedroom pop music. They draw inspiration from the music of Bombay Bicycle Club, Radiohead, Foals, and Jungle.

Sukko Music

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