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Support Us

It is our goal to help Music lovers discover great Indie Music. It is also our passion to help spread the word about great Indie Musicians. Therefore, It is our dream to build a thriving community where people can go to discover their next favorite song and musician.

Would you would like to support our efforts in helping people all over the world discover great Indie Music? As you can imagine, there are many expenses that go with operating a website and multiple social media channels. We depend on faithful music lovers like you to help us offset our expenses and continue to grow so we can help Indie Musicians get their music out to more and more people.

There are several ways you can support our community and help us grow for FREE.
1. Visit our website: neverenoughmusic.com often.
2. Follow us on all our social media channels and interact with our posts by liking, sharing and commenting. (top right of page)

5. Support us financially. There are three primary ways you can do this:
a. Join guitartricks.com for the best guitar lesson online. They are truly great and offer a free 2 week trial. I am currently a member and learning lots!
b. Make a one time paypal donation. Any amount is appreciated and helps a lot.
c. Become a ongoing Patreon supporter by clicking the orange button below. (Lots of cool benefits)

Become a Patron!
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