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Swim Music | 4 Original Pop-rock Anthems NeverEnoughMusic.com

Swim Music | 4 Original Pop-rock Anthems

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Pass By

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This mellow Swim music is titled ‘Pass By’ and was originally written as a piano ballad which is a somewhat response to the lyrics of their other song ‘The Chase’. This music video shows the original version before converted to the upbeat pop style anthem.

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Swim Music Bio

Swim Music

Swim music is a pop-rock band that originated in Stony Brook University in New York, USA. The members are namely Dan McCaffrey, Nick Riviezzo, Brian D’Angio, and Pat Morelli. They all have inherited love for classic rock and together they combined it with their passion for indie rock and pop rock in order to create the unique modern pop-rock sound that fun and refreshing.

The guys have been friends since high school and since then they have taken time to develop their sound into a very refreshing pop-rock that is radio-ready quality. With their hard work, the band has made in to the top bands on Long Island and this is where they have captured the nation’s attention where they were able to perform at stages such as SXSW in Austin, TX.

Swim Music

The Chase

This music video is a live recording session for their song “The Chase”. This is one of Swim music’s most played songs. An acoustic type paired with a perfectly toned voice is surely something their audience would love to hear.

Heartbeat Connection

A song for the summer! It is about describing the intangible connection being two lovers who happens to be in a long-distance relationship. The song really shines with a catchy hook and chorus. Swim music definitely hit the mark on this one!

Swin Music

Now, who doesn’t want some Live Rooftop Sessions? Yes, this type of live sessions has always been nothing short of cool! This is Swim music performing ‘Fall Into Me’, the second track of their sophomore EP “Finally Someone”.

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