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The Gaffer Music | There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather (EP)

The Gaffer Music | There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather (EP)

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Throw Me Off

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Watch this very entertaining The Gaffer music video for Throw Me Off. It’s a very catchy song and is the lead single for his EP titled ‘There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather’. Along with it’s lively and catchy tune is also a positive point of view. The song tells about being besotted for someone and being in service at their command despite knowing the favor will not be returned just as good as given. The song adapts the positivity of the phrase “half a glass full”, yet the phrase contradicts the reality that in the end getting the same treatment and attention are only far-fetched fantasies.

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The Gaffer Music

The Gaffer Music

The Gaffer is an alternative rock musician/songwriter based in Edinburgh. He has been in the Edinburgh music scene since the age of 14, playing with different local bands and projects. ‘The Gaffer’ is the musical alter-ego of a full-time teacher who decided to pursue his music, recording his complied songs that he composed throughout the years. This the beginning of his journey to solo artistry after years of performing and writing songs with different bands.

His alternative-rock EP, ‘There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather’ is a huge turn of his musical career. It is his first step towards creating professional-sounding music recorded from his bedroom studio. The tracks are reflective of raw and genuine emotions yet still prevalent of the chill and catchy tunes. He takes his musical styles from influences of Weezer, Carly Rae Jepsen and Smokey Robinson.

The Words

The Words is the second track of The Gaffer’s EP ‘There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather’. This one is straightforward and the lyrics send a clear message from an introvert’s perspective. It is about not being able to communicate how you feel to someone, such as love. This is one genuine exposure of the artist’s fears and worries from going into his first serious relationship. This chill and relatable track is an invitation to listen and sing-along to The Gaffer music.

The Gaffer Music

Nothing Will Be The Same

A sad acoustic ballad that conveys the pain of an end of a relationship, or rather, the feelings between two people in a relationship. The title ‘Nothing Will Be The Same’ stands for the finality of that end. The feeling of guilt and sense of responsibility that comes together with the heartbreak is completely detailed in this track. Sorrow is heavily sensed in this song.

A Turning Point

Perhaps the rawest description of the entire journey of The Gaffer music is interpreted into this track. ‘A Turning Point’ is a rock song describing the artist’s disillusions with the music industry. The lyrics discuss the need for pretension into a different person that he isn’t in order to obtain the interest and attention of the larger audience. This is another upbeat and probably the loudest that The Gaffer has ever been so far.

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