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The Great Palumbo Music | 3 songs of fate, fear, and happiness

The Great Palumbo Music | 3 songs of fate, fear, and happiness

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What Are The Odds?

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The Great Palumbo music perfectly describes ‘coincidence’ in their song What Are the Odds. With different instances cited of fate working its way, what can be deduced is that it simply is a song of finding someone, perhaps even falling in love, with a lady he met at a restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota that fateful night. And, what are the odds, he meets the same lady in Rio de Janeiro.

It really is a wonder how these things happen. Songs like this make us give importance to little things we do not expect but it’s there happening. “It’s songs like ‘What Are The Odds?’ that remind us of the value these little variables of life really have”.

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The Great Palumbo Music

The band is based in Nashville, TN. They are Harrison Hall, Peter Campbell, and Will Stevens, who met through mutual friends . They released their debut single ‘Falling’ in February 2019. It has been followed by the release of their EP, ‘Into the Dark’ that was a blend of pop, rock, and folk.

The Great Palumbo Music

The band name originally developed from Peter’s childhood character from his family tree that he had grown up to. A man named Palumbo, whom his family had teased him to have taken resemblance to especially the man’s big Italian nose (which was his greatest insecurity). Only to find out later on that this “character” whom he had known and looked up to all his life was a man with a different name. Still, he stuck out with the name Palumbo.

“And then, once I started to consider the layers of irony and self-acceptance encapsulated in the name Palumbo, it really just started to feel right”.

The Great Palumbo Music | 3 songs of fate, fear, and happiness

World Is Wide

Watch this alt-folk travel anthem World is Wide by The Great Palumbo. The band hoped this would fuel the wanderlust in every one of us and it does! We all want to see the world, the beauty is just in every corner waiting to be explored. The great thing about traveling is the memories you make, being immersed in a different environment and culture. You then start to see the paradise that is our world. This music video just captures the happiness of the people who took these clips during their travels.

This is very interesting The Great Palumbo music as it isn’t about the band’s experiences. They have asked the listeners to send out video clips for this music video and it turned out really awesome. There is so much fun, energy, and life in this music video. It is so contagious! Add in the track that also has a fun tune that matches what you see in the clips. Come along and experience great travel by watching this video. The world is wide and it’s waiting for you!


The Great Palumbo music titled Falling is a powerful ballad that shares different fears. Fear can be irrational and uncontrollable. In the song, there are always two choices, but either way could also lead to unwanted consequences. That is where the fear comes from. And anyone who listens to this song will be able to relate. We all have fears, whether we speak about it or not, we know it’s there. Somehow, the message of the song relays that it is okay to admit that you are not okay. There is no need to tell someone you love about not feeling okay. in fact, it’s better to acknowledge our fears.

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