The Magnolias Music | The Painting -Reflection on the Eternal Nature of Art

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The Magnolias music takes us to the deeper essence of emotions with their latest single, The Painting. This track notes the maturity of the band in exploring the concept of how emotions are preserved through art. With these emotions go the thoughts, ideas, and intentions that influence the creation of a masterpiece.

What can be realized from this is that people can look at art superficially and only appreciate its form. But what people miss out is that the art that we have the luxury of appreciating forever is an immortalization of deeper reasons. An art isn’t just about its form and what it conveys, it is also about the drawn emotions, beliefs and ideals, and the intent of the artist during its creation.

Do you think life is also an art that we superficially value?

The Magnolias Music

The lyrics of the song were inspired by the works of Oscar Wilde. With an approach of pop and elements of funk, rock, and experimental sounds thrown in, this track is an art of unique musical touches individually, and as a band.

The Band :
Sam Gatlin- Keys, guitar, bass, percussion
Bryton Shoffner-percussion, guitar, keys, bass
Danny Knutelsky- Vocals, guitar

The Magnolias Music

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The Magnolias Music

Goodnight, I’m Going to Sleep

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The Magnolias music gives us a lullaby for the heart, their original song Goodnight, I’m Going to Sleep. It opens up to a mellow acoustic and with this, you’ll already know that this song is good stuff. When the vocals and the rest of the melody join in, it emanates the professional sound that not all starting bands have. The poetic lyrics vividly describe scenes and settings that let you imagine while listening to the song. It’s a perfect story-telling, a genuine expression of emotions felt at a certain point.

This track is about depression, how it can affect not just you but including the people around you. The gloomy feeling is completely revealed through the soothing vocals, beautiful melody, and expressive lyrics. Clearly, the band brings a different kind of creativity into the music scene. Lucky for us, we only get to enjoy the best from The Magnolias music.

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