The New Shining Music | 3 Eargasmic Electro Rock Songs

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One By One

Starting off with our 3 most eargasmic, The New Shining music, is their song titled ‘One By One’. This is the 6th track of their album ‘Elephant’ which was released in 2019. They said that this song is for depression and any other mental illness awareness. To show, how it feels like to have it.

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The New Shining Music

The New Shining Music

The New Shining music originated in the Netherlands. This band has been making music since 2012 and has started to get famous through their song ‘Can’t Make Up My Mind’. This has been topping off in a lot of Dutch radio stations.

After a series of live radio and TV performances, festivals, tours, and interviews, this band took a hiatus in early 2014. This is when the lead singer, Nax started his own project and wrote a lot of songs about depression and mental illness. He said that he has been experimenting for the last 3 years with whatever he came across.

During the 3 years of experimenting, Nax and the rest of the band has been convenient with Electro Rock which they have settled to push. Their music today is highly Electronic Rock with a taste of 80s sound.

This is The New Shining music that very much describes their style of music. You can hear the electronics at the start and later on, the real instrument sounds blends in which I think is perfect when you say ‘modern’ music. Also, if you notice the electronic sounds produced, they seem like they are from some old movies. It is really evident in this song that The New Shining band is highly influenced by the 80s music.

Looks Like Rain

You probably know by now how The New Shining music sounds like. If you are into rock and electronic music, then this band is really for you. This last song we picked is ‘Looks Like Rain’. They said this song is about an intense love affair. The lead singer, Nax is suffering from depression due to his lover betraying him. The band said this song is about crawling out of depression and finding the light at the end of the dark tunnel leaving all your misery.

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