The Treble Music | 3 Awesome Modern Rock Music Videos

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All The People

Kicking off with The Treble music listening is this lyric video for their song ‘All The People’. The band said this song is about spending so much time dealing with so many voices in their heads telling them what to do. It came to a point where sometimes they are having a hard time listening to each other and that’s where “All The People” was created. This song is about not being afraid to talk to someone and at the same time not being afraid to listen.

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Group History

The Treble Music
The Treble

The Treble music is composed of Mark Brusegard (vocals), Colin McTavish (keys, synth, rhythm), Graeme Woods (guitar), and Patrick Hansen (Bass, Synth). They are from Winnipeg, Canada, and has been appearing in a lot of stages. Most people knew about the band from their cover of Mike Posner’s “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”. The band took a folk style on the song which made it stood out in a lot of other artists that covered the song. They have been sticking to their style since the release of their single “Wherever You Go”. The track produced focused on pop style with very energetic vocals and some upbeat piano riffs through the chorus parts.

The band made a transition from an acoustic folk trio to a chart hit list topping band with a very actively growing fan base. In addition to that, Rob Wells has come on board who has wide knowledge and experience in the business and has worked with some of the biggest pop acts such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. The Treble music has taken itself to the next level. They all have talent in which they can all have a command of what makes their fusion of genre work and blend them well to make a unique and genuine sound.

Saturday Night

Second, in our The Treble music video choices is ‘Saturday Night’. This song is about a bar the band used to go to in Winnipeg which got torn down to give space for a new condominium. The band said that it made them think of all the crazy times and experiences that the people who go there might have had during its days. Breakups, fights, new connections and etc. They thought about the relationships they had when they were younger. These relationship burned too bright and never could have lasted and that’s what ‘Saturday Night’ is all about.

The Treble Music | 3 Awesome Modern Rock Music Videos

Kings & Queens

This music video is a collection of stories from people around the world. It shows how can some someone go from suffering on how to overcome something to achieving something beautiful in life. The band said they asked people to allow them to share their stories in this music video. This song is basically all about finding the good in life and realizing that to truly have it means to struggle. Therefore, be sure and watch this video all the way through to the end.

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