Tom King Music | 2 Emotional and Dramatic Songs

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Be That For Me

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“Be That For Me” is a Tom King music that he wrote when he was so upset about the felling of being in love with someone and not feeling the same way back. Furthermore, he said that he really loves the lyrics and melody of this song yet it felt that he needed to make a different arrangement. Following that is Tom having it played to Paul Aiden and as a result, he loved it and translated it onto the guitar riffs and made a more upbeat tempo.

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Tom King Music History

Tom King Music
Tom King

Hailing from Guildford, Surrey, Tom King music started making something remarkable and is stirring within the musician he is. In addition, he has a powerfully intimate songwriting style backed by amazing instrumental arrangements and searing vocals that is set on the trajectory for success. Morever, it is minimalism and the negative space around his voice that really showcases his vocal ability.

Also, his musical heroes Adele and Sam Smith are some of the most harmonically rich acts of today. Tom King’s raw and personal story of being an unrequited lover has already resonated with thousands and as a result, his music is loved by a lot.

Tom King

No Mans Land

This song is a very emotional and dramatic one which Tom King said to be a follow up to his other song ‘Why Are You Here?’. Tom King music has made some experimental songs that were self-released and got attention sooner than expected. This fact proves that this young man is amazingly talented!

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