Top 15 New Indie Music Songs for June 2020

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June 2020 was another great month for new indie music. The Pandemic has been difficult for all of us in so many ways, but it has been a productive season for many and we all benefit from the new music. As always, this list is not in any particular order and there are many more awesome New songs that we did not have room to include. As usual, we had a crazy time trying to narrow down all the incredible new music so be sure and check out the bonus tracks at the end of the post. If you would like to see your music on one of our playlists you can submit it here.

The last few months have been like none other in history. We have all gone through so many emotions and unfortunately, we are still not through it fully yet. However, we have seen much good as well and one of the big things we have all learned is that we need each other and that we are all in this together. This song by Rose Colored World brings out that hope-filled message and is one of our favorites. The video is not to be missed!!!

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Rose Colored World

I have not been able to get this song out of my head for several weeks now. Partly because it is so dang catchy and partly because I can relate to the lyrics too much! Charlie is an awesome songwriter and you need to check this one out for sure.

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Charlie John Oh My Messy Mind

Highland Sanctuary is quickly becoming one of our favorite artists. Every release is top quality and his voice is special. This remake of Pink’s “Walk Me Home” is a cool rendition where he definitely put his own twist on it. Simeon is the man behind Highland Sanctuary and he really shows his diverse range of talents with each release. Just check out our “Best New Music” playlist to listen to his even newer song “Drifting Apart” Check out our feature on “Highland Sanctuary” for more of his music.

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Highland Sanctuary Walk Me Home

We love discovering new artists (to us at least) and we are super excited to have found Max M. This song is super catchy and fun and has been on constant repeat for us. More, please!!

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Max M - Imaginary Problems

We have been waiting for this song for a little while now and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. “Hero” is an intimate song that reminds us that we are all only human after all. We can let down our guard and be real with each other because we all struggle and we all feel. This song hits home with me in a deeply personal way as I think about my own father who passed a few years back. He was larger than life and had a hard time letting people in. I am grateful that he finally did towards the later part of his life. “Were just the same”

Check out our interview with Ollie Wade for more on him and his music.

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Ollie Wade - Hero

Miya Miya just released their first EP and it is absolutely fantastic. Every single song is amazing and there is nothing but a bright future ahead for this group. They first blew us away with “Underwater” and then “Hometown” and now they follow it up with their latest “Cold Blood.” It’s a very strong track that keeps the momentum going and we can’t wait to see how their future unfolds.

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Miya Miya - Cold Blood

Have I mentioned how much I love finding new artists? “Your Paris” was recommended to us by an artist we feature and love and we are so glad. Thank you! You know who you are. This has to be one of the most beautiful songs of the year so far. It’s a song with lots of layers so be sure and watch the lyric video below for “Standing in Your Doorway” so you don’t miss a word.

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Your Paris Standing in your Doorway

Our next artist “Shaefri” puts together the “perfect” pop song with “Say You’ll Be There” and I dare you to try and get it out of your mind. Check out our brand new feature on her for more.

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Shaefri - Say you'll be there

One of the things we try and do is have musical diversity on our list. Paul Hernandez is a Hip Hop artist that doesn’t fit the typical mold. He is very transparent with is music, and sharing his journey so openly gives hope to us all. When things get tough, the temptation for us all is to runaway. However, it takes true courage to stay and fight for and with those we love.

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Paul Hernandez - Runaway

We have had our eye on fellow Texans Fifth Phoenix for a while now. Every song they have done has been super cool and this one is no exception. The video is very relevant and important and is a much watch. Thanks, guys! We believe these guys have a huge future ahead and we are excited to watch their journey.

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Fifth Phoenix - Dangerous

Cloe Wilder is an amazing young talent that has the whole world ahead of her. Her latest song, “You & Lonely” is another example of the depth of her HUGE talent and potential.

Check out our feature on Cloe for more of her music

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Cloe Wilder - You & Lonely

The song “Bulletproof” by Perk is one of our all-time favorites. They have done it again with their new song “Let You Go”. Give it a listen and become a fan!

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Perk - Let You Go

Deer Fellow is another “new to us” artist that we are very excited about. They win the “coolest pic of the month” award for using such a cool booth and phones with cords. Love it! I am not sure if its the strings, the amazing vocals, or just the overall feel of the song but I have been pulled in and hooked since the first listen. Don’t miss this one!

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Deer Fellow - Each Night

“I’m afraid of myself” That line hit me right between the eyes! What an incredibly powerful song that cuts straight to the bone. We all feel this way at times, its a part of being human. I can relate more than I want to admit. Love everything about it!

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butcher & the florist - Afraid of Myself

From the first note and then the first word, Tommy Down sucked me into his world and I don’t want to leave. It’s super cool in here! Now I catch myself humming “I’ve been missing you” walking around the house far too many times to count. What say you?

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Tommy Down - Mrs Blue

Bonus Tracks

Some more of our favorites. Some we didn’t discover until the list had already been completed. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking out our picks for the Top New Indie Music Songs of June 2020! We do this every month so keep your eyes open for New Music in July. You can follow along with our playlist each month. We are halfway through the year already and have made a new playlist to help us as we gear up for the “Songs of the Year“. Follow along and be sure and voice your opinion and let us know what you think. We are always looking for new music!!

We love Indie Artists and want to thank you for what you do! Never stop chasing your dreams!

– Wade

Here is the full list of all 75 songs that were considered!

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