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Top 15 New Indie Songs for August 2020

Top 15 New Indie Songs for August 2020

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August was another strong month for new indie music. We do this list each month and focus on lesser-known artists that we think you should be aware of. Therefore, we don’t include artists with over 100K monthly listeners on Spotify, even though so many of them are amazing. It is always very difficult to narrow down our list to the top 15 songs as we get hundreds submitted to us each month. Submit your song here! Lastly, we try and keep this list diverse as far of genre and style of music so we are not always able to include every new song that we think is great. There are many amazing songs that we were not able to include in our list. Here we go ….

Bang! “All About Now” is one of our favorite songs of the year so far. Check out the super cool video for the song below! These guys are superstars in the making. Go follow them on Instagram and follow their journey.

Two Weeks in Nashville - All About Now

Speaking of superstars in the making. This powerhouse duo has only released 3 songs so far and they are all incredible. Their latest, “Kissing a Stranger” keeps them pointed to the top!

Check them out on Instagram and go listen to their music!

rose colored world - kissing a stranger

I remember the exact moment I first heard “Pass By” – It was one of the biggest “Wow Moments” I have had so far since I made this journey into Indie Music. How exactly can these guys not be famous? Keep it up guys and it is just a matter of time!

Check out the video below and then listen to this “STUNNING” live stripped-down performance. Show them some love over on their Instagram.

Swim - Pass By

Is this the future of “Pop Rock”? I sure hope so!!! They are a new band to me and I am really digging their sound. Check out their song “Sundown, Somehow below and then go support them on their Instagram!

Neverkept - sundown, somehow

“Notion” is the latest from this talented trio. I have always been a sucker for songs that gradually build throughout but this song takes that idea to the next level. It is simply beautiful! Thanks, for bringing beauty into the “whirlwind of it all“!

You know what to do, go show them some love on their Instagram.

Vandalye - Notion

Drew is new to us but we are honored to have found such an incredible talent. His latest, “Running Reds” is an amazing song that you can listen to below. Do that now 🙂

Then go check him out over on his Instagram!

Drew Thomas - Running Reds

“We Wouldn’t Know” is our only “Country-ish” entry and it is a catchy one. I must admit that it has been slow going getting our country playlist up to speed, but there is so much awesome country music out there right now I am enjoying learning! I’m no expert, but honestly, everything this guy has put out is crazy good!

Show him some love over on his Instagram!

Ian McConnell - We Wouldn't Know

I was really excited to see Lee Cole’s name pop up on New Release Friday with his latest “Pink Dragons” and I was not disappointed. It is a super catchy song all the while still showcasing his amazing voice. And there is a video! Check it out below.

Go check out more over on his Instagram!

Lee Cole - Pink Dragons

There would be a “smoking gun” in my house if I did not include this next song …. wait for it …. “Smoking Gun” by Adam Wendler. My wife said it’s a must and being a smart man, I included it. I also happen to think it is pretty great 🙂 Check out the cool music video below and then go show him some love on Instagram!

Adam Wendler - Smoking Gun

“Heart Heavy” is another indication that the future of “Alt/Pop Rock” is in good hands. This is one of those songs I find myself gravitating towards again and again and that’s a good thing 🙂

Listen to the song below and go check out more on their Instagram!

Secondhand Sound - Heart Heavy

When I began this journey into the world of music it was to help shed light on amazing “undiscovered” talent without compromising on quality. I am happy to include Daniel Waid’s new song “I’ll Wait”. Great job man, keep doing your thing!

Go over to his Instagram and hit that follow button!

Daniel Waid - I'll Wait

The word that comes to mind for this song and the next one is pure. Austin Ward’s latest is “Run the Other Way” and the video is way cool too. Check it out below. If you can’t get enough, like me, check out this beautiful acoustic version.

Visit his Instagram for more!

Austin Ward - Run the Other Way

Another song that I can only describe as “Pure” is the latest from Circumnavigate called “Shy Love.” Listen to this moving and beautiful song below. Go show them some love over on Instagram.

Circumnavigate - Shy Love

This song is catchy, got a great groove and just plain fun! Check out the video below and visit their socials! Lost and Einfach Flo

It doesn’t get much more “earthy” than Michael Colton’s latest “Leave the Light On.” It’s been on repeat pretty regular around my office lately. Listen below and show him some love on his Instagram.

Michael Colton - Leave the Light On

There you have it! Our top 15 New Indie Songs for August 2020 from lesser-known or undiscovered Indie Artists. As always I am going to throw in a few more as a bonus because there were so many that I could not include that I still think are amazing. Listen to these amazing artists below, you will not be disappointed. Thanks for checking out our monthly list and let us know if you have any favorites that didn’t make our list. Also, you can listen to all 59 songs that were considered here. Lastly, here is the playlist for September and we add songs pretty much every day so join us for the journey to the Top 15 for next month.

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