Top 15 +1 New Indie Songs for July 2020

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July was another incredible month for New Indie Music! It seems like every month has a theme and for this month it was great voices. Get ready to be blown away! I know I say this every month, but it was IMPOSSIBLE to narrow all the great songs down to the top 15. This month something unexpected happened. On July 31st, after already having my top 15 songs picked, I was listening to some of the songs submissions that I receive every day (far too many to listen to them all), and I was completely blown away. Therefore, this month is my Top 15 +1 New songs. I can’t get over how many amazing songs keep coming month after month from artists that the world needs to hear. That’s why I do this list each month so here we go! I love all you Indie Artists and want to encourage you to keep pushing day after day!

Just a reminder that I only include songs from artists that have fewer than 100K monthly listeners on Spotify at the time that we discovered the song. As usual, we also don’t include songs with “explicit lyrics.” Enjoy these incredible songs and go support these amazing artists! Check out our Top Picks from previous months for even more great music!

As always, this list is in no particular order. We love all of these songs and the artists behind them.

“Run for Cover” has been on repeat a lot for me lately. There is something about the song and Tom’s voice that keeps me coming back for more! Be on the lookout for a new song from Tom coming August 17th! We’re stoked!!

Check out more from Tom on Instagram

Tom Prendergast Run for Cover

What a voice is all I could say when I first heard this song. Curtis is blowing up fast and it is much deserved. He is now over the 100K listener mark on Spotify, but was just under it when we first heard this song so he qualifies for now 🙂 Oh ya, its a really great song too! Best of luck to you man!!!

Check out more from Curtis on Instagram

Curtis Walsh - Midnight

Speaking of amazing voices. Wow! Tom can flat out sing! Another great song from a rising star and we are so glad to follow the journey.

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Tom King - Be that for Me

Cool name, cool music, and Big talent describe littleDNGR. Their very first track hit us from the first listen and has kept us coming back for more and more. If this is just the beginning for the DUO, we are very excited about the ride!

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littleDNGR - Brand New World

Katie is one of several on our list that is new to us. I am amazed daily at how many talented artists there are out there that I still have not heard. It is what keeps me going! “Drown” is a powerfully beautiful song that she pours all herself into. On every listen we find ourselves hanging on every word.

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Katie Kei - Drown

Jennings has been a regular on our playlists for a while now, but this is the first time for our Top songs of the month (my bad). Seriously, every song he puts out is awesome! We especially like the message of the “underdog” and this song has been a favorite around my house. Can’t wait for the next one!

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Jennings Couch - Underdogs

What a beautiful song! “Still Believe” is one of those songs that we find ourselves singing throughout the day without even realizing it. Steven’s voice is distinctive and everything they do is tightly crafted and top-notch! Check out all their music!

Check out more from Animal Sun

Animal Sun - Sill Believe

I can’t help but smile when I listen to “Memories” and for that I am thankful. Sometimes simply stopping and taking the time to remember can be a powerful thing. Each of us has many good memories so let’s not let the business and noisiness of life keep crowding them out. “Why can’t we just stay kids somehow

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Kane Miller - Memories

Besides having a cool name, this group is seriously talented. “Low” is the latest in a growing list of great songs. I want to encourage to go camp out on their Spotify, you can thank me later 🙂

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Ships Have Sailed - Low

I cannot confirm which of these talented guys is an actual astronaut, but I can confirm that this is one catchy song. If their goal is to transform us away from our monotonous daily routines, then I think they have found SUCCESS!

Check out more from Sam the Astronaut

Sam the Astronaut - Foxy

Jakob, aka “Yago Music” may be one of the hardest working independent artists around. I first saw him on Instagram, as I was checking out several artists. He is consistently one of the most encouraging and positive voices out there, always commenting and encouraging his fellow artists. I have a soft spot for this guy, but this song is truly special. Give it a listen for yourself and see why! Always pulling for you Jakob 🙂

Check out more from Jakob

Yago Music - Never Happened

Madison is one of the first artists that we followed when we began our journey into the music world around a year ago. She is a rising star and hugely talented. However, she is also a really cool and genuinely nice person. Thank you for sharing your heart in your music. We can all relate and find encouragement from what you do. Go hang out on Madison’s Spotify, there is so much great music there!

Check out more from Madison

Madison Olds - Best Part of Me

Every now and then a special artist comes along that can bridge the gap between new and old. I think Jack is one of those special artists. Every time I listen to him I have flashbacks to all sorts of artists from the past and yet never losing sight of the fact that this is something new. Listening to his music it is easy to forget how young he is, so to say that I am excited to follow his journey is a pretty massive understatement.

Check out more from Jack

Jack West - Forever

Sitting on the edge of my seat, with my eyes closed, hanging on every note and word is the only way I know how to describe this incredible song. There are true “chills” moments and it is more of an experience than simply listening to a song.

Check out more from Mauvey

Mauvey - Honest

As someone who has struggled with depression much of his life, this song really resonates with me. Sometimes, I just want to be sad and Not put on the smile and pretend that everything is alright. Of course, it is not good to stay there too long. That is how it spoke to me and I realize it is a love song and about much more. Give it a listen and see how it hits you!

Check out more from Emma Oliver and loyalties

Emma Oliver and Loyalties - Sad Sometimes

Now the + 1 song that came in at the very last second!

This is the + 1 song that blew me away at the last second as I was finalizing this list. It was such a wonderful surprise to hear the transition as the guitars kicked in and this already beautiful song became an anthem and so much more. You cannot listen to this song without finding hope and encouragement! It made me realize how many cookie-cutter songs I listen to each month and how much we need songs like this to snap us out of the grind sometimes. Thanks, David! We are genuinely excited to hear the rest of the album!!!

Check out more from David

Red Parade - Julie

Because I love so many of the songs from this month and had such a difficult time narrowing down this list … here are a few more of my favorites as a BONUS!

Check out the full playlist from July 2020 for all the New Indie songs we considered for this list. They are all great!!!

Check out our Top 15 songs from previous months!

It’s hard to believe that it has almost been a year since this journey began for me, thanks for all the support and for supporting Indie Music and artists from around the world!

– Wade

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