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Top 20 NEW Indie Songs - September 2020

Top 20 NEW Indie Songs – September 2020

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Welcome to our Top 20 New Indie Songs for September 2020. September was one of the strongest months for new music we have ever seen. As a result, it was extremely difficult to try and narrow it down to our top 20. You can listen to the playlist for September which includes all 83 songs that we chose from. We are also one month closer to picking our top songs for the year! You can follow our top 100 songs of the year so far here.

Each month we pick our favorite new releases for the month. It is always difficult as there are so many great Indie Songs released each month, however, this month was even more difficult than most. Here is why. We have recently made a few changes that have exposed us to even more great music than usual. First, we have just passed our first year as a website and therefore, have followed hundreds of Indie Artists along the way. As a result, this past Friday, we had 112 new songs suggested to us from Spotify. Wow! Second, we have recently raised our maximum listeners on Spotify to 250K, up from 100K. There are several reasons for this, but the end result is that we have much more music to choose from each and every day. Thirdly, we have raised our list to the best 20 songs, up from 15, so we can fit all this great music in. Without further ado, here are our top 20 New Indie Songs for the month of September.

Kulick – “Rope”

First on our list is “Rope” by Kulick. It is a super cachy tune that I have had stuck in my head for a few weeks now. Check out the creative lyric video below and enjoy this sensational song.
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Kulick Music - Rope

1990nowhere, Olivver the Kid – “Sour”

What happens when three hugely talented artists decide to collaborate together on a project? List to “Sour” below and find out! It is truly an amazing song which sets a high bar for the future. I cannot get enough of this song!
Check them out on their Instagram

1990nowhere Music - Sour

Lucia & The Best Boys – “Perfectly Untrue”

Next is Lucia & the Best Boys with their new tune “Perfectly Untrue.” This one has an infectious groove, stunning vocals and is just plain cool. Check out the music video below.
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Lucia & The Best Boys - Perfectly Untrue

Connor Adams – “Reaching Out

If I had to describe this song in one word it would be “chills.” Give it a listen below and you will know the moment I am talking about. I continue to be amazed by Connor and his talent. Every song on his new EP is amazing! Big future ahead!!
Head over to his Instagram

Connor Adams - Reaching Out
Knives at Sea (aka) Ozzie Rodgersvisit his Instagram
Knives at Sea (aka) Ozzie Rodgers
visit his Instagram
Brittany Pfantzvisit her Instagram
Brittany Pfantz
visit her Instagram

Knives At Sea/Brittany Pfantz – “I Got This Feeling”

This such is powerful fun! The first thing thing that draws you in is the exceptional voice of Brittany, powerful, colorful and true. The next thing you know is that your foot is tapping and then your all in. Don’t miss this one! Listen below and give them your support.

Highland Sanctuary – “What Can I Say”

I try really hard to not have favorites, but after a year of doing this I can’t help it sometimes, especially with a talent as big as Simeon (Highland Sanctuary). He is one of the artists we listen to quite often in my home. Keep it up man! Listen to his latest, “What Can I Say” below and enjoy another outstanding song.
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Highland Sanctuary - What Can I Say

Omri – “Summer is Gone”

This doesn’t happen every month, but sometimes a song really hits me between the eyes. This is one of those songs. His bio says, “i hope you can feel this” and well “i really do.” It perfectly captures where I am at in all the craziness of the moment and I bet I am not alone. “I’ve only just thought about opening the blinds” …. wow! Watch the cool music video below and see for yourself.
Check him out over on Instagram

Omri - Summer is Gone

Tom King – “Hiding Away”

This is the second time Tom has made our “top songs of the month” list and it is not hard to see why. He simply has an amazing voice. He has become one of those artists where I get really excited to see that he has something new coming out. Thanks Tom! check out the music video below.
Visit his Instagram

Tom King - Hiding Away

Alex Di Leo – “Homesick”

Every artist on our list is hugely talented or I would not have included them. Alex Di Leo is on a serious roll. Every song he puts out is crazy good. Check out his latest, “Homesick” below!
Check out his Instagram for more

Alex Di Leo - Homesick

Red Parade – “Freaks & Geeks”

Words cannot express how excited I am to include “Red Parade” in our list! “Freaks & Geeks” is the second release from a super cool concept album he is working on. The first song “Julie” blew me away and went straight onto my list for the top songs of the year. David’s latest is a straight-up “pop-punk” song about not being afraid to take a chance on love and I cannot get enough. Listen below and go support this guy!!!
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Red Parade - Freaks & Geeks

Spritely – “What Friends?”

I don’t know if this officially qualifies as a “quarantine song” but I absolutely love it! Her voice is unique and draws me in completely. “What Friends” is super clever and shows off some incredible talent and song writing skills. Check it out below!
Visit her Instagram for more

Spritely - What Friends?

Dead Emerson – “Sucker Punch”

The latest from “Dead Emerson” is so cool and the video is so much fun you gotta go watch it below right now! This song has one of the most infectious and catchy choruses I have heard in a long time. I couldn’t even get it out of my head if I tried! On repeat!!
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Dead Emerson - Sucker Punch

The Kelseys – “Save the World”

I love superheroes and these guys are some of my favorites. Cool vocals, dashing good looks, creativity and superhero sized talent, what’s not to love! These guys are on a serious mission of saving the world, one song at a time. More, please!
Visit their IG for more superhero goodness

The Kelseys - Save the World

Quitting Whitney – “LA Somewhere”

Hardly a day goes bye where I don’t think to myself, this artist is soooo good, how can they not be better known? There is so much talent out there! For “Quitting Whitney” it is just a matter of time. I love, love, love these guys and you need to do yourself a favor and go check out ALL their music. A good place to start is their latest, “LA Somewhere” and you can check out the cool music video below.
Check out their Instagram for more

Quitting Whitney - LA Somewhere

Felicia Green – “Memories”

When all you need is a piano, a voice and amazing lyrics, you know you have something special. This is a special song. Thanks for putting your heart and passion into it! Listen below and be prepared to be blown away.
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Felicia Green - Memories

Olivia Rox – “Go Vote”

I consider myself a somewhat creative person, but if someone told me to write a song about voting, I am not sure I could come up with anything too interesting. Fortunately for all of us, Olivia Rox is way more creative than I am and has taken this important topic and made something special out of it! This is not only a really good song, she has done an amazing song capturing this important issue. Thanks, Olivia! Listen below.

Make your voice count!

Vote for her over on IG

Olivia Rox - Go Vote

DYLYN – “Let You”

“I know your gonna light me up in flames.” “Let You” by DYLYN is an Epic tale and exciting ride. Check out the cool music video below!
Connect with her on Instagram

DYLYN - Let You

Voix – “Hard to Find”

Voix brings their high energy and steller vocals to their latest, “Hard to Find.” These guys are rising stars and we look forward to every new song they put out! Listen below.
Check out their IG for more

Voix - Hard to Find

Euan Allison – Another’s Arm

Euan Allison has a special voice and this song is a special song. “Now your left counting the hours.” We have all ben there and this song captures the emotion well. Check out the lyric video below.
Visit his IG for all the latest

Euan Allison - Another's Arms

Ollie Wade – “A Song for Me”

Ollie Wade was our “Artist of the Month” for July and you can check out our exclusive interview with him here. His latest, “A Song for Me” is another exceptional song in a long and growing list of great songs from this talented artist. Listen below and be sure to show him your support.
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Ollie Wade - A Song for Me

There you have it! If you enjoy our list each month it would mean a great deal to me if you shared it with your friends. I work really hard on this post each month and appreciate all the support! As always, there were too many songs that I really love so I am including a few Bonus songs below. Thanks!

— Wade

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