Top 10 New Indie Songs for January 2020

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Check out our picks for the Top 10 New Indie Songs of January 2020. These are some of our favorites and are in no particular order. The only requirement is that it was released in January of 2020 according to Spotify date.

It is impossible to decide, so we threw in a few bonuses at the bottom of the page. We also have a new Indie Music page that you should check out on a regular basis as it is constantly being updated. If that is not enough, we have a New Indie Music Playlist on Spotify! If you are an Indie Artist who would like to have your music considered for our site, you can submit your music here. Lastly, go follow and support these talented Indie Artists. It is a very competitive industry and they need all the love they can get.

Enjoy and let us know your favorites below!

Rosendale | “I Guess it’s Not You” Official Music Video

Some of the greatest songs have come out of the greatest pains that life can bring. “I Guess It’s Not you” is one of those songs. Rosendale bears his souls and gives us a glimpse into one of his particularly painful experiences from a broken relationship. It is a beautiful song that we can all relate to in some way or other. He is a tremendous talent and we look forward to watching his journey as an artist.

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Top 10 New Indie Songs for January 2020

The Outset | “The Way We Thought” Official Music Video

We loved this one from the very first few seconds. It has that smooth, familiar and soothing sound that makes you want to lean back in your chair, shut your eyes and lose yourself in the music. This appears to be their only single so far so we are excited to see what they do next.

PERK | “Bulletproof” Audio

“Bulletproof” is the result of two very talented Scandinavian song writers; Nalle Ahlstedt and Anders Borgius. It is a song that we have found ourselves listening to over and over again. The message is also very timely and reflects the way we all feel. We hate much of what is happening around us, but at the same time we cannot shut ourselves away from the world or we stop living. Sometimes, you have to take the risk of engaging in a broken world and choosing to be a part of the solution.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Top 10 New Indie Songs for January 2020

Chasing Da Vinci | “Second Tries” Official Music Video

We really love this band! They are so much fun and share lots of behind the scenes and other stuff on their YouTube. So, be sure and check all that cool stuff out. The song is great too! It’s another song that just has a good feel to it. It sounds familiar but not too familiar. The video is a joy to watch and their vocal harmonies are delicious. We can’t wait for the rest of the world to catch up and start listening to them.

Ollie Wade | “Love’s Mistake” Official Audio

One of the things we like to do on our site and a part of our vision is to give exposure to many different types of Indie Artists. One of the types of artists that we highlight on a regular basis are YouTubers that do cover songs as well as originals. Ollie Wade is one of those artists that has put in the work and done many covers and built a following over time. However, when you have this type of talent, this great of a voice and can write songs like he does. You can’t keep it a secret forever. Love’s Mistake is one of the best songs we have heard in a while. Do yourself a favor and go check out his channel.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Top 10 New Indie Songs for January 2020

Whatever We Are | “Old Car” Official Audio

We listen to dozens and dozens of new songs everyday. We hear just about every type of music you can imagine. However, it is always something special when we stumble on a song like this one. This is just an awesome song and was the highlight of our day when we found it. Were excited to share it with you and know that you will enjoy it as much as we have.

Nikki Taylor | “Wasted” Official Audio

Get ready for the unveiling of Nikki Taylor! “Wasted” is the first single from her upcoming EP and it is powerful and distinctive. Her voice, draws the listener in and the emotion of the song keeps you listening and wanting more. We can’t wait to hear the rest of her new music and truly believe she is about to make a real splash in the Indie Music world.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Top 10 New Indie Songs for January 2020

Liam Wakefield | “Trust Your Heart” Official Audio

There is something about a simple acoustic guitar song with beautiful lyrics that never gets old. Liam Wakefield is a rare talent that bridges time and space. A former soldier, he is a real story teller who has something to say and we are more than happy to listen. As Springsteen fans, we couldn’t help make the comparison, but he certainly makes his own mark and has a talent to carry him far into the future. We hope to find him on our playlists for years to come.

Hadi | “Can’t Sleep” Official Music Video

Warning! Talented human incoming. What can we say about Hadi? When you can’t decide which one of an artists songs to include in a “best of” list you know you have something special going on. The video is cool, the music is hot and the vocals are great as always. But, don’t miss the lyrics in all the other moving parts. Teaming up with Kerfo, the lyrics are clever, relevant and just plain fun. More please!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Top 10 New Indie Songs for January 2020

Keelan | “How to Get Your Dream Girl” Official Audio

We first heard Keelan on Instagram. It was a normal day, endless scrolling through hundreds of artists postings. There’s no way to stop and listen to all of them so what do you do? Occasionally you stop and take a chance, you go for it. We are so glad we did! He is really talented and is growing as a musician daily. His new release “How to Get Your Dream Girl” is a hit. It is the result of years of labor and tenacity and we are excited to follow his continued musical journey. Be sure and go follow him everywhere.

Bonus Picks: More of our favorite New Indie Songs for January 2020 — Give them a Listen!!!


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