Trace Bundy | Guitars of “Communion”

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Trace Bundy on a cliff in Arkansas

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Watch Trace Bundy as he strums his guitar and plays “Communion” while on a cliff in Arkansas! The scenery is just as beautiful as the way this artist plays his guitar. Listening to Trace Bundy’s intricate guitar arrangements is absolutely inspiring and not to mention, his artistry is just superb! It’s like the music is flowing in a perfect harmony through his fingers! This video is sure to give its viewers a nerve-wracking and entertaining experience at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Click this awesome video and watch what this is all about.

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Trace Bundy | Guitars of “Communion”


Trace Bundy’s career has given him a huge success with sold-out concerts in different countries all over the world! He’s done awesome performances in countries like Italy, South Korea, Guatemala, Zimbabwe and more!

Trace was named “Most Promising New Talent” of 2008 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, as well as winning third place in the magazine’s “Best Fingerstyle Guitarist” category the same year.

Trace Bundy
Trace Bundy | Guitars of “Communion”

Guitars of “Communion”

Bundy also has his own record label “Honest Ninja Music” that sold over 99,000 albums and has a viral video with a whopping 35,000,000 YouTube views to date.

With such great talent and unbelievable creativity, don’t you think Bundy is someone who should be heard more and seen more?

His highly acknowledged performances are definitely something you would also want to experience and something anyone would want to see!

Trace Bundy | Overtime (Official music video)

Overtime (Official music video)

Can’t get enough of this man’s talent? Well, here is his own official music video from his song “Overtime”. Get ready to hear this guy’s masterpiece and see how he makes all his videos just so much fun and totally entertaining! Hit the play button now and enjoy Trace Bundy’s music!

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