Troubled Minds Music | Two of the Band’s Best Music Videos

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Exit Stage Left

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Troubled Minds Music – They have songs that are deep and relatable. Watch this intensifying Rock Band from Phoenix, AZ. The band has a great and artful rock sound that will make you want to hear more of their music. “Exit Stage Left” is an intense tune and a heart piercing lyrics that will surely amaze its listeners! Anyone who has ever been to a heartbreak can relate to this. Therefore, click now and watch this incredible music video by Troubled Minds.

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Troubled Minds Music | Exit Stage Left Lyrics

I don’t have time to get caught up on your regrets
Drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes
But that cup runs dry so tell me why
There’s a way you held my hand
It felt like you twisted my arm
And I’m moving forward so I don’t care

Troubled Minds Music

And I’m outside just enjoying the weather
It’s a funny thought and a long shot
Maybe you’re outside just enjoying it too
Under the same moon with nothing to do
I’ll make myself clear
I never want to see you again
Remembering how things were with you back then
No that wasn’t me back then

Exit stage left yeah we’ll make a new scene
Where the trees grow tall and the grass is green (yeah)
What was keeping me alive was slowly killing you
I want to run forever, anything, anything to feel free
Oh, and if you’re looking for me
I’m out and I’m having fun and
Oh, whatcha know about feelin’ free?

Cause I love so much I love everyone
And you talk so much shit about good people
And it makes me so sad
So so sad

Songwriters: Matt Aldawood

Troubled Minds Music | Two of the band’s Best Music Videos


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Another awesome song by Troubled Minds is “Vacancy”. A cool and finely-calibrated song about longing. A lost love. How else can you better express a heart break than through a loud, intense rock music! Troubled Minds wrote another masterpiece and rocked it like they always do. Check out another brilliant song from Troubled minds and watch it all the way through!

Troubled Minds Music | Two of the band’s Best Music Videos



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