Winters Island Music | 3 Mood-boosting Electro-Rock Anthems

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Machu Picchu

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Firstly, this song ‘Machu Picchu’ is a song by Winters Island music which they described as something that has a soul of its own and it somewhat wrote itself and that this song represents hope, fear, and longing of all of us have inside.

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Winters Island Music Bio

Winters Island Music
Winters Island

Winters Island music came from London and has been doing music together for 21 years now. Therefore, they definitely have the experience of making great masterpiece songs that will make you just simply close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the magical sound of their songs.

Moreover, their music is a synth-pop type of anthem with a blend of electro-rock. In addition to that, there is a little bit of rich sound arrangements. In conclusion, their music is one good example of a highly evolutive platform with a very emotional sounding male voice that is very melodic.

Winters Island Music


This second song for our Winters Island music selection is called ‘Ares’, a song that offers a rich sound that is quite familiar but yet still unique. As a result, you will hear it through noticing the different layers of mixing a giddy type of electro-pop and indie filled with dark thrills from louder genres. You will also find its lyrics as a key strength of the song since it is really quite impressive for such a new band.


A very exhilarating track called ‘Fire’ by Winters Island music is our last and definitely not the least amongst this list! A really powerful song that we saved it for the last! Released as the first track of their EP ‘Hestia’, this song came out last April 2017 and based on an individual who is using his/her alter ego in a time of emotional need and struggle.

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