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Yago Music | 3 Emotional Life Experience Songs

Yago Music | 3 Emotional Life Experience Songs

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Yago music gives us a feeling of calmness and this is a good example of it. Waterfall seems like a song that is about being heartbroken and not wanting to move on. However, at there’s still a part of you that wants to continue even to the point of just letting things go just like falling in a waterfall.

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Yago Music History

Yago Music

YAGO music originated in Frankfurt, Germany. He is an up-and-coming artist who’s name YAGO is an abbreviated form of a Spanish version of his real name Jakob. Like many others, Jakod started playing music at a very young age. He was already playing guitar at the age of 5. As a result, he has been singing and playing guitar in multiple rock bands during his adulthood and later on, learned how to produce and mix professional and modern sounding music. Furthermore, he continues to spend countless hours in his home studio and then released his debut single “Waterfall” in December of 2019.

When you see the lyrics of his songs, you will see that YAGO makes them through his own personal experiences and real emotions. As a result of writing honest and deep stories, most people can easily blend in and relate to what he’s singing. For the most part, Yago music combines a melancholic and energetic guitar riff style of playing which produces a somewhat blend of rock with soft pianos, strings and elements of modern Pop.

Yago Music

Never Happened

This song is about an unwanted experience. Yago music continues to give us true-to-life experience base songs in which we can all relate to and this is something I can personally say that I can relate to. We are all going through something in our lives and nobody knows what lies ahead. There will be always things that we wished the never happened and that’s what this song is all about.

If You Gon’ Break It

A song of false promises and being broken. This is what ‘If You Gon’ Break It’ brings us. Whenever we encounter someone that gives us the feeling that we have always been wanting to have and promise us that they won’t do anything bad that would break us apart, that’s when we tend to be vulnerable. As a result, whenever things go the right way, we surely feel broken into pieces like to the point of having no clue how to rebuild ourselves. I think that’s what this Yago music is trying to tell us all. Do you agree?

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