Your Paris Music | 4 Good Vibes But Emotionally Touching Tracks

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About Love

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Your Paris music is giving us a taste of what “good vibes” really is. This song is called ‘About Love’ and yes, the title tells it all. But don’t get me wrong here, this track has a nice tempo and upbeat style that can give you positive feelings.

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Your Paris Music Bio

Your Paris Music
Your Paris

Your Paris music is a duo that brings us a very pop, dreamy r&b inspired music that has the similarities to Julia Michaels, Oh Wonder, Loote, and Pink Sweat$. The couple is very determined to stay in the honeymoon phase of their career which is to be really in love with and inspired by their own music. Some people also say that they have been told that some of the heartbreak songs they wrote have made others want to fall in love.

Your Paris Music

The Internet

Featuring a very catchy vocals, “The Internet” is on of Your Paris music’s heartbreak songs that apparently make people want to fall in love. It could be because of the perfect harmonies of this song paired with a really solid beat.

Standing In Your Doorway

Now, this song is an emotional one. Slow, with piano, and soft vocals is always a perfect recipe and ‘Standing In Your Doorway’ has them all. Your Paris music took a different approach in this track and it is amazing!

Who’s Gonna Love You

This fourth video is a Live performance of the duo playing their song ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’. Another really good and emotional track in our Your Paris music selection! Watch and feel the love or get as heartbroken as what the lyrics of this song says.

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